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Chapter 2
CPMs Up Close

Other Emerging Movements

As we look around the world, we see other Church Planting Movements emerging. Encouraging signs are appearing among the Maasai of Tanzania and Kenya. Their very inaccessibility on the rugged savannah lands of the Maasai Plain has limited missionary access to them. Offering to construct church buildings or subsidize pastors means little to these semi-nomadic people with their barter economy. Penetrating the forbidding terrain, IMB missionaries have engaged the Maasai with the gospel, placing their major emphasis on training Maasai church planters and leaders.

The result has been rapid church growth among the Maasai. Worship is filled with expressions of awe and power as Maasai look to God for healing and personal direction. Chronological storying of the Bible has evolved naturally into the Maasai singing of Bible stories. Spontaneous clusters of Maasai men and women form choirs to sing the great stories of the Old and New Testament. As the Maasai accompany their songs with high vertical leaps into the air, there is little doubt that the Maasai Church Planting Movement is deeply rooted and truly indigenous.

Other Church Planting Movements are surfacing every few months: 30,000 believers in a Southeast Asian country, 100,000 believers swelling 800 new churches in eastern India; 20,000 coming to Christ over a four-year period in one Chinese province; church starts doubling in six months in one Western European country; 383 churches starting in a single state in Brazil.

Missionaries are sharing these reports with each other—and telling one another the means by which God is doing these marvelous works. God is doing something remarkable. Let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from these mighty works of God around the world.

Table of Contents



Chapter 1 - What is a Church Planting Movement?

Chapter 2 - CPMs Up Close

•A Latin American People Group
•A Region in China
•The Bholdari of India
•The Khmer of Cambodia
•Other Emerging Movements

Chapter 3 - Ten Universal Elements

Chapter 4 - Ten Common Factors 

Chapter 5 - Ten Practical Handles 

Chapter 6 - Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 7 - Obstacles to CPMs 

Chapter 8 - Tips for Fine-Tuning a CPM 

Chapter 9 - A CPM Vision for the World 



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