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Finishing the Task (FTT)

FTT Unengaged Unreached People Groups
[view list on Finishing the Task website]

Global Status of Evangelical Christianity (GSEC)
Updated Monthly

Download all of this month's GSEC reports [download zip]**

Unengaged Unreached People Groups ≥100K List - [view xls]*

Country Summary- [view pdf]*

Unreached People Groups by Affinity Group -
[view pdf]*

Personnel by Continental Grouping -
[view pdf]*

Overview [view pdf]*

Description of data fields and terms
[view pdf]

View previous releases of the
GSEC Overview

May 10.pdf  
Apr 10.pdf  
Mar 10.pdf  
Feb 10.pdf  
July 09.pdf  
June 09.pdf  
May 09 pdf  
Apr 09 pdf  
Mar 09.pdf  
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June 08 pdf
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Dec 07 pdf  
Nov 07 pdf  
Oct 07 pdf  
Sept 07 pdf  
Aug 07 pdf  
July 07 pdf  
June 07 pdf  
May 07 pdf  
Apr 07 pdf  
Mar 07 pdf  

Annual Statistical Report (ASR)
Updated Annually

2009 ASR Global Summary - [view pdf]*

Updated Monthly

Click to view and download maps & map resources

Global Status of Evangelical Christianity


Church Planting Movements - [download zip]**

World View Survey - [view doc]*

Advocacy Brochure - [view doc]*

Country Profile - [view doc]*

People Profile - [view doc]*

Field Research Guide - [view doc]*

Making Initial Contacts - [view doc]*

A word of caution: Information on this site has been collected from multiple sources and is continuously subject to adjustments and refinements based upon the highly dynamic nature of today’s global environment and the rapid advance of the Gospel in literally every part of the world. This information is shared with others on the condition that the user assumes all risks incident to reliance and has the right to make an independent assessment of its accuracy and reliability. Any questions may be directed to GRIC@imb.org.

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