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Featured projects

  • Funding for Bibles in Berlin

    Pecentage fulfilled: 200%
    Tags: Literature, Discipleship, Church Planting

    Listen to the testimony of a former Muslim lady, 'After watching the DVD, 'More than Dreams', which you distribute at your Book Table, I was… Read more

  • OneLife South Asia

    Pecentage fulfilled: 38%
    Tags: Literature, Pastoral, Discipleship, Education, Health, Housing, Church Planting

    OneLife projects allow entry to many people groups and languages. These projects open doors to Gospel sharing and discipleship training. Through these projects, IMB missionaries… Read more

  • Urban Gospel Explosion

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%

    Within India there are 416 unengaged unreached people groups from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist backgrounds and more than 65% of the population is 35… Read more

  • EVI Business for Missions for Latin Partners Project

    Launching a restaurant that will provide a unique combination of excellent food and serve as an entry point into the local community to lift up… Read more

  • American Peoples Diaspora Mobilization Vision Casting Confer

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%
    Tags: Internet, Literature, Orality, Pastoral, Discipleship, Church Planting

    God is moving greatly among Latin Americans calling them to active commitment in the task of global evangelization. Many Latin Americans, Brazilians and Caribbean peoples… Read more

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