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Featured projects

  • Training Czechs to Multiply Disciples

    Pecentage fulfilled: 100%

    We want to multiply the number of people who would otherwise NOT hear the Gospel in un-reached city districts of Prague. This project would help… Read more

  • Training the Pauls

    Pecentage fulfilled: 3%
    Tags: Literature, Pastoral, Discipleship, Church Planting

    Our vision is to ensure that no person from this part of South Asia stands before God and claims that they have never heard the… Read more

  • 2015 Asia Singles Conference

    Pecentage fulfilled: 2%
    Tags: Pastoral, Discipleship

    Help single personnel thrive! This is an opportunity to invest in missionaries seeking to reach the unreached. These personnel serve among the highest concentrations of… Read more

  • Scripture Planting-Bridging Translation to Planting Churches

    Could you imagine the Acts 2 church without the Scriptures, God's Word? We too often ask people to become church without Scripture in their heart… Read more

  • StoryOne Sign Language Scripture Translation

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%
    Tags: Literature, Orality, Education, Church Planting

    Without access to the Bible, or Bible portions, how can a people know who God is and what plans He has for their lives? This… Read more

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