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  • iVentures

    For centuries, a dichotomy has existed between the businessman and the missionary. As a result, missionaries have experienced limited success in sustaining viable businesses among… Read more

  • Day Trip Scholarships – Funding Relational Evangelism

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%

    Evangelizing in some settings or to larger groups isn’t always the most effective way to communicate the good news. If only there was a way… Read more

  • Madagascar Marriage Retreat

    Pecentage fulfilled: 100%

    Many years ago, leadership began praying for God to send out personnel to these Islands. Research was done to locate the unreached people groups on… Read more

  • Personnel Care and 2015 Cluster Retreat -- South India

    Pecentage fulfilled: 77%
    Tags: Pastoral, Discipleship

    This is an opportunity to invest in IMB missionaries serving in some of the most unreached and unengaged places on earth. It is an opportunity… Read more

  • Every Person, Every Village

    Pecentage fulfilled: 23%

    There are thousands of villages that make up this part of South Asia and includes a population of about 90 million Hindus, Muslims, and Tribal… Read more

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