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Featured projects

  • Training Czechs to Multiply Disciples

    Pecentage fulfilled: 104%

    We want to multiply the number of people who would otherwise NOT hear the Gospel in un-reached city districts of Prague. This project would help… Read more

  • Central Asia Affinity Literature and Media Projects

    Pecentage fulfilled: 13%
    Tags: Television, Internet, Radio, Literature, Church Planting

    The goal of this set of projects is to place Bibles and Scripture portions into the hands of those who have never heard or read… Read more

  • Tree of Life Master Trainer

    Pecentage fulfilled: 1%

    The state of Karnataka in southern India has a population of 65 million people with only 2% being followers of Jesus. Almost one thousand die… Read more

  • Sew and Harvest

    Pecentage fulfilled: 8%

    You can help women in Bangladesh start tailoring businesses and escape from poverty by providing a sewing machine. When women make a profession of faith… Read more

  • Training for Trainers T4T

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%
    Tags: Literature, Orality, Pastoral, Discipleship, Education, Church Planting

    We cannot keep pace with the 32,000 lost people within the Affinity Group who are dying every day without Jesus Christ in their lives! We… Read more

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