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Featured projects

  • Rebirth Eastern Ukraine

    Pecentage fulfilled: 13%

    Rebirth: Eastern Ukraine is seeking donors and partners to help in home repairs necessitated by the war in the region. Hundreds of homes have received… Read more

  • Visual Toolbox

    Pecentage fulfilled: 3%
    Tags: Television, Internet, Pastoral, Discipleship

    The purpose of this project is to develop a set of web sites and short animated videos for the purposes of evangelism, discipleship and leadership… Read more

  • Radio Broadcasts Throughout the Western Gateway Cluster

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%
    Tags: Radio, Orality, Discipleship, Church Planting

    The monies for this project will fund two years of twice a week radio broadcasts among the IMB direct engaged people groups of the Western… Read more

  • God's Truth for Bible-less Peoples

    Pecentage fulfilled: 42%
    Tags: Internet, Radio, Orality, Pastoral, Discipleship, Church Planting

    No Scripture in their people’s language. None. That’s the reality for over 200 ethnic groups with whom IMB missionaries work. Situations differ, so members of… Read more

  • South Cluster Discipleship Training

    Pecentage fulfilled: 3%
    Tags: Orality, Pastoral, Discipleship, Church Planting

    This is a request to train nationals to learn how to plant multiplying churches, how to strengthen the discipleship of existing churches, and how to… Read more

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