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Featured projects

  • Funding for Bibles in Berlin

    Pecentage fulfilled: 200%
    Tags: Literature, Discipleship, Church Planting

    Listen to the testimony of a former Muslim lady, 'After watching the DVD, 'More than Dreams', which you distribute at your Book Table, I was… Read more

  • God's Love Story

    Pecentage fulfilled: 1%
    Tags: Internet, Literature, Orality, Discipleship, Church Planting

    "God's Love Story" is a unique video for evangelism, discipleship, and church planting, designed for functionally illiterate peoples in the Arabian peninsula with the Gulf… Read more

  • Afar Media Outreach Project

    Pecentage fulfilled: 12%
    Tags: Internet, Radio, Orality, Pastoral, Discipleship, Education, Health, Church Planting

    Reaching non-literate peoples with the gospel is a difficult task. Oral media, particularly radio, can have a great impact on such peoples. The Afar people… Read more

  • Discipleship training for oral peoples

    Pecentage fulfilled: 0%

    The Singermans have witnessed, through years of orality work in West Africa, an overwhelming response of Africans to Bible stories used in evangelization, discipleship, pastor’s… Read more

  • Jesus Film DVD Preparation - Roma Calon - Brazil

    Pecentage fulfilled: 3%
    Tags: Literature, Church Planting

    The Jesus Film will provide an accurate account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus in the Calon language. The Calon are an oral… Read more

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