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Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

Every penny you give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports Southern Baptist missionaries as they share the Gospel overseas. The offering represents 58 percent of IMB's total income. You may give through your local church or donate here.

Find dollar examples of how your gifts are used, including stories, photos and videos at Lottie Moon @ Work.

Cooperative Program

The Southern Baptist Convention's Cooperative Program provides 31 percent of IMB’s annual income. Each state convention gives between 11.25 and 55 percent of its CP collection to the SBC. IMB receives slightly more than half of CP funds from state conventions. Other SBC entities receive the remainder.

Here's how it works: Southern Baptist churches voluntarily send a percentage or a specified amount of their regular offerings to the state convention. The state convention keeps approximately two-thirds of those funds and sends the balance to the Southern Baptist Executive Committee in Nashville. The Executive Committee distributes those funds to Southern Baptist agencies. The International Mission Board (IMB) currently receives slightly more than half of all CP funds sent to the Executive Committee.

To see the percentage your state convention gives to CP, check out the chart below. Select your state convention from the drop down menu.

*Reported February 2015. Support includes housing, salary, children’s education, medical expenses, retirement and more.

Other income

Gifts from Southern Baptists to Global Hunger Relief make up 2 percent of IMB’s annual income. The remaining 9 percent comes from development, field-generated funds, investment returns and other income.

Other ways to give:

Make a donation and send an eCard.

Make a gift to the ministries of field personnel.

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