Photo Gallery: Women of the World


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Senegal – All smiles

Kenya – Brief diversion

Mali – Building relationships

Mali – Walk in their flip flops

Senegal – Conversation

Kenya – Endurance

Kenya – Fled

Uganda – Facing the truth

Mali – Friends

Africa – Go tell

Senegal – Get down

Senegal – Girl talk

Mali – Greetings

South Africa – Hands on

Uganda – Healthy choices

South Africa – Interactive

Uganda – Joy

Uganda – Kindred spirits

Mali – Like her own

Kenya – Little Mogadishu

Senegal – Let’s talk

Kenya – Making a living

Uganda – Make a joyful noise

Uganda – New friends

South Africa – Prayer for the nations

Uganda – Sharing

Mali – Tell me a story

Senegal – Visit

Uganda – Women of faith

Africa – Women shopping

Senegal – Having a chat

Tanzania – Masai women

Africa – Being taught how to sew

Kenya – 300 acres of garbage

Uganda – A mother’s love

South Africa – A ray of hope for townships

Africa – A taste of missions