Week of Prayer:
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FLAG OF PAKISTAN - Pakistani youth enjoy a cool Independence Day breeze from a rooftop overlooking Karachi’s Clifton Beach. Pakistan officially partitioned from British India Aug. 14, 1947, to become the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The crescent, star and green color on Pakistan’s flag are universal symbols of Islam.

ALLEGIANCE TO PAKISTAN - A young man’s headband declares his allegiance to Pakistan as he celebrates Independence Day in Karachi. The song “Dil Dil Pakistan,” or “Heart Heart Pakistan,” was first made popular when the band Vital Signs released it in 1987, 40 years after Pakistan officially partitioned from British India Aug. 14, 1947.

SHRINE OF ABDULLAH SHAH GHAZI - A man reads the Quran at the shrine of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, whom many consider the patron saint of Karachi, Pakistan. Each December, Muslims of all walks hold a three-day festival at the shrine in Karachi. A few Christians go to such shrines to tell Muslim pilgrims about Isa (Jesus).

ALL NEED TO HEAR - While night lights paint a hue of vibrant life in Karachi, Pakistan, the wealthy dine in hotel restaurants scraping the skies and rickshaw drivers on streets below simply hope to feed their families. Both, the wealthy and the poor, have yet to hear about Isa (Jesus), the Bread of Life.

SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP - Pakistani Christians worship on a Sunday morning in Karachi, Pakistan. Christians make up about 2 percent of Karachi’s population. Pray that nominal Christians would recognize their need for Christ and that authentic Christians would boldly share Jesus’ love with the millions of Muslims and other non-Christians who make Karachi home.

FISHING IN KARACHI - Men fish from a small boat in a large creek near the Arabian Sea in Karachi, a port city and a hub for all of Pakistan’s major language groups including Urdu, Pushto, Bengali, Punjabi, Balochi, and Sindhi. Reaching Karachi with the Gospel is the key to reaching Pakistan for Christ.

YEARNING FOR PEACE - A Pakistani man walks by a cracked storefront in Karachi, Pakistan. Watching TV news, many Americans view Karachi as a city plagued by evil. Yet, God looks past the brokenness to see families who yearn for peace but do not know how to find it through personal relationship with Him.