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2012 Week of Prayer: BE His heart, His hands, His voice

Engaging people groups in the hard places comes with risk and sacrifice.

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2012 International Mission Study: Beijing

With so few believers in Beijing, Christian workers face a daunting task.

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2011 Week of Prayer: His heart, His hands, His voice –
I am Southern Baptist missions

With more than half the world’s population living in the cities, we have unique challenges to reach the world.

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2011 International Mission Study: London

With a population of 8.5 million, 300 different languages are spoken in London, and a mixture of religions pervades the city streets.

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2010 Week of Prayer: Are we there yet?

Southern Baptists have been faithful to seek lost peoples to tell them the story of Jesus. There is much to celebrate — but we are not there yet!

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2010 International Mission Study: Thailand

Thailand is an exotic and ancient land currently facing internal strife. Southern Baptists are working to reach the Thai people for Christ.

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2008 International Mission Study: Venezuela

Amid major political, economic and social change, the lost in Venezuela are hearing and believing!

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South America

Many think South America has been reached with the Gospel. But this continent holds some of the remotest, darkest places of the face of the earth.

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Former Soviet Union

When the Soviet Union collapsed, more than half a billion people were freed from oppression at least temporarily in the 15 nations that emerged.

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Moldova is one of the poorest yet most responsive countries in the former Soviet Union.

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