A message from Tom Elliff

Dear Pastor,

Every year, throughout the 46 years of our marriage, Jeannie and I have made it a point to give the kind of LMCO offering that would honor God. That way we could lead our church to do the same. As we each surrender to the Lordship of Christ, this year's offering will BE the provision for sharing the Gospel with the nations.

The Great Commission is not merely a suggestion. In those words, “Go, teach all nations…” our Lord was calling out His church in every generation. Does your congregation sense the urgent necessity of obedience to the Lord’s command?

The fulfilling of our Lord’s Great Commission relies upon the faithful obedience of His children. After all, at the core of the missions equation you will always find the Lordship of Christ. As you lead your church to a greater involvement in missions, every other area of your church’s life will be positively impacted.

The theme for IMB’s annual Lottie Moon Offering for World Mission speaks to the heart of the Lordship issue. When we surrender to His Lordship, we will BE obedient to His commission, and we will BE His Heart, His Hands and His Voice.

There is no message so needed in this world right now than the message of hope, love, forgiveness and eternal life only Christ can provide. Please join your IMB missionaries around this world in sharing the story of God’s love. They are making a sacrifice to be obedient, no matter the cost. Won’t you, too?

Yours for the vision!

Tom Elliff


Watch A challenge from Tom Elliff as he implores Southern Baptists to BE His heart, His hands, His voice.

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