Last-minute Lottie

Are you finding yourself with too little time and too much to sort through as you prepare your Lottie Moon Christmas Offering message? In this section we offer four options to quickly put together a presentation using some ready-to-download Web resources.

Whichever option you choose, be sure to include “the basics” – the foundational message for this year’s theme: “Be His heart, His hands, His voice.”

[Note: Most videos are available in year-round format, meaning they are not tagged with “Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.”]



Theme: “BE His heart, His hands, His voice”   

Scripture: Matthew 16:24-25

Message: As followers of Christ, we must be obedient to Him whatever the cost. We must be His heart, His hands and His voice in a world filled with unreached peoples. We are all part of the task to fulfill the Great Commission.  Learn more about the theme.

Giving is a call to obedience too. Every penny given to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering is used to support missionaries and their ministries.

Illustrate the message: Show our theme video BE His heart, His hands, His voice (3:27) narrated by pastors and IMB workers who issue an urgent call to new levels of obedience based on Matthew 16:24-25.

Have more time to go deeper into the theme? Show these:


OPTION ONE: Video with presentation helps

Show an inspirational  story of a missionary’s obedience to Christ, no matter the cost.  Remind your church members that their Lottie Moon offering supports missionaries like this one. We recommend one of the following which include presentation/sermon helps for your convenience:


OPTION TWO: Storytelling

Want to build your message telling powerful stories?

  • We have eight great media packages for Week of Prayer, Dec. 2-9. But even if your church doesn’t observe Week of Prayer, these stories are timeless. All come with photos and most with video. Choose your favorite to share! Our Week of Prayer portal page includes an overview and  preview of each story. Below each story preview are links to longer features, videos and photos.
  • For shorter stories with a punch, try Lottie Moon at Work. These illustrations of offering dollars at work will help connect your church's giving to needs met on the field through specific amounts. Many are taken from Week of Prayer features.


OPTION THREE: Let missionaries speak

  • Let missionaries themselves say a personal thanks to your congregation with these brief video testimonies. (You can also use them to preview a longer presentation.)

[NOTE: If you want to build a presentation around one missionary, select the third one, Roger Hesch, a cancer survivor. Then share his longer story and his wife’s struggle.]

  • Want something different? Try our Lottie Moon “commercials”What if? and Giving to equip. These are fast-paced, captive messages through words and images. You can also show these in church foyers or as people enter the service.

To help your church families determine their Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, share the cost of supporting one missionary:

  • $49,800 a year (average)
  • $4,150 a month
  • $958 a week
  • $136 a day

Reported May 2012. Support includes housing, salary, children’s education, medical expenses, retirement and more.


OPTION FOUR: Churches on mission

If your church is ready for a deeper commitment, we have video features on churches who have boldly stepped out. These churches understand that giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports the missionaries who make it possible for them to connect to the field. So even though they allot significant resources to reach their people groups, their Lottie Moon offering is not affected – and many times increases!

  • Show the population clock as people enter the service or meeting as a visual reminder that lostness continues to grow as the global population increases.
  • Start with the third Lottie Moon “commercial,” The joy of giving.
  • Then show one or more of these videos of churches on mission reaching people groups themselves in obedience to the Great Commission. Look for links to written stories with more detail to share.

Are you ready to embrace an unreached, unengaged people group? offers inspiration, information to connect, training and video challenges.

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