Dramas and skits

Every Gift Helps by Ashley Mitchell
A young boy shows he understands just how important it is to give to support missionaries.

What's Your Sacrifice? by Ashley Mitchell
Waiting in line to buy concert tickets, four teens change their minds about how to spend their money.

Because you gave, they came by Brittany Conner
This is a series of four skits. The skits can be performed one after the other or separately. The characters are unrelated, but each offers a perspective on how lives are changed because of those who serve as missionaries and those who support missionaries.

See Jane
by Brittany Conner
What would happen to missionaries if there were no Lottie Moon Christmas Offering?

We each have a role by Brittany Conner

Dramas involving the character or life of Lottie Moon

Monologue: Lottie Moon
by Brittany Conner from Lottie Moon's letters
Lottie Moon urges Southern Baptists to give enough to send additional missionaries.

That All Peoples May Know Him by Karen Nadeau
Lottie Moon pleads for Southern Baptists to give so "That All Peoples May Know Him."

Faithful Unto Death
Original by Miriam Robinson, Revision by Brittany Conner     
A radio narration of the life of Lottie Moon.

Her Lengthened Shadow
Original by Lucy Hamilton Howard, Revision by Brittany Conner     
Scenes from the life of Lottie Moon.

It Cannot End at Kobe
Original by Carol Tomlinson and Doris Standridge, Revision by Brittany Conner 
How Lottie Moon lives on in 21st-century missions.