Embrace the ends of the earth

What does it mean to embrace the ends of the earth?
There are 3,048 unengaged, unreached people groups that no one is telling about Jesus.

Play the video below to see and hear how your church can embrace one of those people groups with the Gospel.

Tom Elliff Video

Have you indicated your commitment?

If you have not previously indicated your church’s commitment to embrace or to explore the possibility of embracing an unengaged, unreached people group, please do that here.

How can one church embrace a people group?

Pastor Jamus Edwards and members of Pleasant Valley Community Church were living the American Dream. Then God woke them up to the heart-breaking reality of people groups with no access to the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. Read their story.

Unity Baptist Church started praying for an unengaged, unreached people group in West Africa. Neither they nor anyone else dreamed their involvement would go any farther. But God had more in mind. Watch the change taking place.

It started with a question in Pastor Michael Cloer’s heart: “What are we doing about the unreached people?” The answer was: “Praying, generally, but nothing else.” Soon he and his church, Englewood Baptist, were focused on something more. See where God led them.

Can my church do this?

Start with prayer
Prayer is the first step in beginning any challenge, especially one that is God-led. Before your church commits to embrace an unengaged, unreached people group, lead your members in personal and corporate prayer.

Explore peoples to embrace
Once you’ve been inspired, indicated your commitment to become engaged and prayed about the challenge, it’s time to actually select a people group.

Which unengaged, unreached people group is God leading you to embrace?

As you begin this journey of discovery, we encourage you to explore a website we’ve developed to help you learn about unengaged, unreached people groups throughout the world. Through the site, you can identify specific unengaged, unreached people groups. As you do, you can begin to:

  • study their culture
  • identify their language
  • identify their religion(s)
  • discover cultural landmines that need to be avoided for long-term effectiveness
  • identify barriers to their understanding the Gospel
  • discover where they live worldwide (locally and globally)
  • register your commitment to embrace a specific unengaged, unreached people group

Go to the Embrace app to find which unengaged, unreached people groups need to be embraced.

Attend an Embrace Equipping Event
Are you exploring the option to embrace an unengaged, unreached people group? Or maybe you’re committed to embracing one but you’re not sure where to begin. Come to a one-day Embrace Equipping Conference or a one-day Embrace Lab and learn what you need to know to get started.

Planning is underway for additional Equipping opportunities.
Watch this site for further details.
Watch or download Embrace Equipping Conference plenary videos:

Challenge from Bryant Wright 15:06

What does it mean to embrace? 40:10
Tom Elliff

What does it take to embrace? 1:05:50
Gordon Fort and Scott Holste

Download PDF of PowerPoint presentation
Download Word doc of UUPG Summary


Can we really embrace? 27:48
Brad Bessent

How do we embrace? 26:55
Michael Cloer

For more specific information about UUPGs around the world, contact an Affinity Connection Strategist.
Begin developing a strategy to embrace an unengaged, unreached people group. These resources are available to help you start your journey.