What do we do for missionaries once we have made a commitment to them?

  • Commit to faithfully pray for your missionaries and their families. Communicate regularly with them and/or their prayer advocate/leader in order to know how to effectively pray for their personal needs, their ministry and your involvement.
  • Learn as much as you can about IMB strategy for reaching your missionary’s people group.
  • Write short prayergrams during Wednesday prayer service. Church members can let your missionary know you are committed to pray for their concerns. If security isn’t an issue, e-mail weekly prayergrams.
  • Prepare bulletin boards throughout your church for all age levels as a reminder of your commitment to your missionary. If your missionary serves in a secure area, exercise great caution not to jeopardize the missionary, his family, ministry or people groups. Seek guidance on how to share their information publicly. Contact the IMB at (800) 999-3113 or imb@imb.org for assistance.
  • Project photos of them weekly during your worship service, especially if your church displays weekly opportunities through PowerPoint. Again, exercise caution if your missionary serves in a secure area.
  • Let them know how much you care on their birthdays and holidays - as long as security concerns permit.
  • ALWAYS consult your missionary or their advocate for direction on how your church can best be a part of the strategy for reaching their people group. Always seek the counsel of your missionary or their advocate before attempting direct ministry among the people group. Your intentions are good, but your efforts may be ill-timed or even ill-advised. Remember, your missionary knows the best strategy and when and how it should be implemented. Be flexible and allow God to lead you into ministry with your missionary.

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