Determine the church's expectations

7 steps to connect

•Is your desire to connect to an unreached people group for prayer? Are you ready to pray consistently and continually? To pray that God will send workers? To pray that He will prepare people’s hearts to hear the truth of the Gospel and that the message will spread unhindered? If prayer only is the commitment your church is ready for, call (888) 462-7729 or go to CompassionNet and sign up for PrayerPlus. We praise God for your prayers.
•Is your church ready to pray AND to connect with a missionary on the field to join their strategy for reaching a people group - going on multiple volunteer trips, engaging in their strategy, praying specifically for their needs?
•Is your church ready to pray AND to EMBRACE an unreached people group that has no missionary assigned to them? Are you ready to study the people, develop the strategy and take ownership of an unreached people group that may never hear unless you go?

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