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Become a voice for those who have none!

Praying for the Exploited Prayer Guide Interactive PDF
This 28-day prayer guide will help you seek God's heart for the oppressed. Use it as you prayerwalk areas of exploitation in your community or prepare for a mission trip to the other side of the world. Use it as a stand-alone resource or in conjunction with the six-session Bible study, "Confronting the Exploiters.” Become a voice for those who have none!

Confronting the Exploiters Bible Study Interactive PDF

This 6-session Bible study based on Exodus 1-12 raises awareness of the issue of exploitation. It also provides practical ways to reach out to the exploited and vulnerable in your community and around the world. You may choose to work through sessions during a weekend retreat or over the course of a six-week study. Pair it with the "Praying for the Exploited" Prayer Guide. You hold the key. Use your one life to make a difference.

OneLife develops advocates for global causes. OneLife is committed to Jesus Christ and His global mission; using time, money, energy, skills, education, career, and every resource to share Christ and serve those in spiritual and physical need. OneLife will go anywhere, will do anything, and will not stop until His kingdom comes. OneLife gives missions a name, a face and a place.


Glorify: How God uses women to make Himself known  

Kingdom Women Interactive PDF       
The Kingdom Women Kit—Glorify: How God uses women to make Himself known is now available as an interactive PDF!

This new interactive PDF format combines the resources found in the Kingdom Women kit with the six-week Bible study. Click the Web links within the PDF to go immediately to those resources. Watch video and right on the page by clicking the play button. To ensure that all active elements of this interactive PDF will function, open in a fully functional Internet browser with the latest plug-in for Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, or download into iBooks or a publication-reader application.

Kingdom Women Bible study kit           Available now!

Kingdom Women Bible study workbook

The Kingdom Women Bible study kit is now available in Spanish! NEW
Go to: Glorifica: Estudio bíblico para mujeres

Henna Storytelling

Learn how to make henna and draw Bible story illustrations, and how to prepare traditional foods served in henna cultures. Then spend time praying for the women of the world who use henna and the missionaries who serve them.

Women's Prayer Tea - Pray for Muslim women
Flavors of West Africa
- A coffee-and-chocolate themed event
Share Tea, Share Life:
Conversations with Women in Central Asia