What can the Church Services Group do for you?

We can provide:

  • Connections: As churches and individuals capture God’s heart for the nations, it becomes essential that they have access to the best and most up-to-date information on how to connect with missionaries and mission opportunities. We will serve as your connecting point for establishing new relationships and discovering how you can find the critical information necessary for your strategic mission involvement.
  • Coaching: At certain points along the way, you may need counsel and guidance toward next steps. Learning how to avoid pitfalls and delays, streamlining processes, discovering proven best practices and maximizing your efforts and resources is critical for maximum impact and growth. Electronic and printed materials are available to facilitate quicker, easier and more profitable engagements. Further, we will provide experienced and highly-skilled mobilization specialists and missional church strategists to assist, assuring you of personal and individual service for each need.
  • Networking: Becoming aware of others who are involved with the same projects, or teams, is helpful in determining next levels of participation. Learning how others are taking part often presents an opportunity to create a strategic relationship with both field teams and other churches. These relationships create a synergy that can lead to increased effectiveness and greater impact on the peoples you are trying to reach. Your Church Services Group can become your link to others of like mind and practice.
  • Training: The best prepared church and team are generally the most effective church and team. Appropriate, timely and cost-effective training becomes essential to achieving optimum results. Acts 1:8 strategy development, people group adoptions and advocacy training, and missions discipleship training are just a few of our areas of expertise. Your mobilization specialist and missional church strategist can lead you to the latest, best and most complete materials and processes. Occasionally they may lead the training for you.
  • Consulting: At various stages of development, churches may experience the need to have a deeper level of guidance or consulting. The missional church strategist can render additional insight and share best practices over a longer period of time, as each case requires. Specific goals and time allotments are necessary for this level of consulting.