Promotional resources

Use the resources on this page to promote your 2015 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Theme graphics and clip art for print or Web, videos for large or small groups, photos for wall display or slide shows and LMCO products to order.

Theme graphics and clip art

Provide visual images in various formats and sizes to download for your every need, from church bulletins to the Web. Click here for 2014 Lottie Moon Christmas Offering theme graphics and general-use IMB graphics.


Includes features on the “One sacred effort” theme as well as stories of missionaries, local believers and church partners.

Some of these videos come with presentation helps.

Feature and music videos
Why give? (pastor stories)
Because you give (missionary stories)
Student video
Children’s videos
If you don’t call it Lottie


Includes galleries of downloadable photos for this year’s Week of Prayer features and International Mission Study on Ivory Coast.

2014 Week of Prayer
Day 1: Missions just got personal
Day 2: Churches share the task
Day 3: Pregnant women become catalysts
Day 4: A risk worth taking
Day 5: A new wave of church planters
Day 6: Music makes relationships
Day 7: Scripture planting is key
Day 8: Planting seeds for planting churches
2014 International Mission Study: Ivory Coast

Products to order

Includes products available from IMB and WMU to promote the offering.

Products from IMB and WMU

Products from IMB

Media kit with DVDs: Essential multimedia kit for pastors and age-level leaders. Kits will be mailed to churches mid-September.

Each guide in the kit is also available in an interactive PDF format:

     Pastor's Guide

     Missions Leader Guide

     Student Leader Guide

     Children's Leader Guide





Goal banner: A centerpiece for your sanctuary and visual reminder of your church's goal.



Living Letters: Stories from the Great Commission flier: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering Edition - Quick-read bulletin-size flier focusing on the importance of sacrificial giving.









Commission Stories tabloid, fall and winter editions: Find Week of Prayer stories to inspire giving.

Many features in the tabloid also appear in, a complementary online multimedia site.








This fall, keep up with the latest resources for your Lottie Moon Christmas Offering season as well as timely global missions news and events. Subscribe to A Missions Update: Your IMB, an e-newsletter published every other Wednesday. 







For products on Lottie Moon herself, go to Lottie Moon, the woman.


Products from WMU

The poster, prayer brochure and envelope below are available through your WMU state office.

LMCO poster: perfect for well-traveled hallways Download option




Week of Prayer brochure: sized for pew rack; features missionaries supported by the offering



LMCO envelope: sized for pew rack; compelling message to the giver




International Mission Study: Ivory Coast

Order from Woman's Missionary Union or purchase from a LifeWay Christian Store near you.

Find supporting video and photos.

Related products

Opportunities handbook: What is your place in God’s story? Together, in one sacred effort, we join the Author of all history in His magnificent, redemptive movement to advance His Gospel among all nations.

Interactive PDF

Lottie Moon, the woman

Life-size Lottie portrait: Display to make Lottie real during offering time








Lottie Moon brochureLottie Moon brochure: A condensed story of Lottie's life of radical obedience








Lottie Moon flier: An quick Lottie read Print (two-up)