Week of Prayer

December 1-8, 2013 – or anytime!

This year’s Week of Prayer for International Missions includes stories of missionaries, their partners and U.S. churches who are committed to being totally His.

Committed to God, first to love Him and then to love others, as Christ commands in Matthew 22:36–39. Doing whatever it takes and giving no less than their all.

Are we – all of us – up to the challenge to do what is required of us as believers in Christ?

This isn’t your average give-a-few-bucks-on-Sunday morning, pray-every-now-and-then kind of challenge. This is giving your everything so people can know the love of Jesus.

It may seem like a lot of absolutes — “all,” “everything,” “whatever it takes.” But that’s what being totally His requires: constantly going deeper and pouring ourselves out to be His heart, hands and voice — individually, as a church, as Southern Baptists working cooperatively to reach all the nations.

If you do not receive your Week of Prayer posters, brochures or offering envelopes please contact your state WMU office.
Day 1: Divine appointmentDay 1: Divine appointment
Abraham Rios of Seville, Spain, is grateful for the work of Southern Baptists.Believers who were willing to be totally obedient pointed him to the Savior. ... Read more
Day 2: Pieces of God's puzzleDay 2: Pieces of God's puzzle
When 24-year-old Steven Kunkel became a volunteer missionary to Japan, his mother gave him a jigsaw puzzle piece. “God’s still putting the puzzle of ... Read more
Day 3: An unlikely partnershipDay 3: An unlikely partnership
It sounds like a fool’s errand: send a hearing church with zero experience with the Deaf to share Jesus with a Deaf unengaged, unreached people group. ... Read more
Day 4: A matter of a titheDay 4: A matter of a tithe
There was little in life to predict that Cebrián Bolívar* would one day become a missionary in one of South Asia’s most populated cities. He grew up on a ... Read more
Day 5: Living among themDay 5: Living among them
The Scotland tour bus doesn’t stop in Gena’s neighborhood. The concrete buildings and dirty streets stand in stark contrast to the country’s rolling ... Read more
Day 6: Closer than they seemDay 6: Closer than they seem
Orange dots on a world map marked the locations of more than 3,000 people groups — people groups that no one was telling about Jesus. What struck ... Read more
Day 7: His hands and feetDay 7: His hands and feet
Imagine being one of the few Southern Baptist missionary couples working among 2.5 million Burmese living in the southern part of Thailand who do ... Read more
Day 8: Embrace partnership sees fruitDay 8: Embrace partnership sees fruit
“Here he is!” Southern Baptist worker Clifton Melek* exclaimed. “Here is the first baptized believer since you began praying for the Bedia five years ago." ... Read more