Week of Prayer (2014)


While many churches observe Week of Prayer the first week of December, we invite you to use these stories anytime to promote prayer and giving in your church.
Scripture: Matthew 28:19-20
From a song stage in Sweden to pregnancy health classes in Southeast Asia, IMB missionaries find creative and effective ways to meet people where they are. And they are grateful for Southern Baptists’ prayers and gifts that make it possible to share Jesus with those who don’t know Him.
This year’s eight Week of Prayer stories illustrate how we are united as we join God in His work. When you pray and give, you support those who extend your outreach from your church to those without Christ. You become part of God’s story around the world!
In these Week of Prayer stories, you will learn how your support enables your missionaries to:
  • help churches like yours partner on the field
  • share Jesus through human needs ministries
  • disciple church planters to take the Gospel to their own people
  • reach people creatively through songwriting and broadcasts
  • take the Scripture to a remote people in their heart language
  • minister even in war grounds
The best story, of course, is written by the Author of all history. In His perfect plan to redeem all peoples, He continues to call His people to advance His Gospel among all nations, together, in one sacred effort.
What will be your part?
If you do not receive your Week of Prayer posters, brochures or offering envelopes please contact your state WMU office.
Day 1: Missions just got personalDay 1: Missions just got personal
Tony Mathews thought international missions wasn’t for everyone, that as a pastor his focus should be on the ... Read more
Day 2: Churches share the taskDay 2: Churches share the task
Mike and Heather McAfee have plans for putting wings on their vision to reach Abidjan with the Gospel. ... Read more
Day 3: Pregnant women become catalysts  Day 3: Pregnant women become catalysts 
Women in various stages of pregnancy or post-pregnancy surround IMB missionary Nancy Potter* and ... Read more
Day 4: A risk worth takingDay 4: A risk worth taking
Moving a family to South Sudan, a war ground made up of daily turmoil and strife, has been a major risk, even ... Read more
Day 5: A new wave of church plantersDay 5: A new wave of church planters
For Mitch Englehart,* it’s a beautiful sight that’s taking place in some very dirty water. The South Carolina ... Read more
Day 7: Scripture planting is keyDay 7: Scripture planting is key
When IMB missionaries Jon Gerwig* and Bradford Wotzke* moved to East Asia with their families in 2004 to ... Read more
Day 8: Planting seeds for planting churchesDay 8: Planting seeds for planting churches
Today, Lily Llambes helps others embrace the true God. But at 25, she grappled with where to place her faith ... Read more