Acts 1:8 Challenge: Officially launched in May 2004, it is a call for Southern Baptist Convention churches to move to a new level of missions commitment by cooperating with their local Baptist association, their state convention, the North American Mission Board (NAMB) and the International Mission Board (IMB) to take the Gospel to their community (Jerusalem), region (Judea), continent (Samaria), and the world (ends of the earth).

church-planting movement: a rapidly multiplying increase of indigenous churches planting churches within a given people group or population segment

chronological Bible storying:
a method of evangelizing, discipling and training a people by relating to them, in a culturally suitable manner, the great stories of the Bible from creation to redemption to the return of Christ

Cooperative Program:
a partnership of missions support launched in 1925 among individual Southern Baptists, churches, state conventions and SBC entities. Southern Baptists support missions in their state, nation and world by giving "through" (not "to") the Cooperative Program

ends of the earth: the IMB's passion and vision to see the Great Commission fulfilled and the kingdom of God extended among all peoples

evangelical: those Christians who generally emphasize 1) the Lord Jesus Christ as the sole source of salvation through faith in Him, 2) personal faith and conversion with regeneration by the Holy Spirit, 3) recognition of the inspired Word of God as the only basis for faith and Christian living and 4) commitment to biblical preaching and evangelism that brings others to faith in Jesus Christ

house churches:
small bodies of approximately 10-30 believers meeting in homes or storefronts, which are generally not organized under a single authority or hierarchy of authorities

indigenous: generated from within or capable of originating from within the local context

Last Frontier people group: unreached people group for which the majority of its members have little or no access to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO):  Southern Baptist churches collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for the sole purpose of supporting international missions. The offering is named for Charlotte Diggs Moon, who first suggested that Southern Baptists collect money at Christmas to support foreign missions. She was appointed a missionary herself in 1873 and served in China for 39 years.

man of peace: a person in a people group who is receptive to the Gospel and who can be used by a missionary to reach others in his group

Masters Program: designed for those 50 years of age or older who are available to make a two- or three-year commitment to serve overseas, utilizing the maturity, skills and experience they have gained during their lifetime

missionary apprentice: An individual appointed for overseas service with the IMB who is assigned to a three-year term under the supervision and mentoring of an experienced missionary. Following the three-year term a missionary apprentice may be redesignated as a career missionary or missionary associate.

missionary associate: an individual appointed for a four-year renewable term of missionary service who may not meet the educational or age requirements for career service

people group: A group of individuals, frequently speaking the same language, with a shared self-identity and worldview. Strategically, a people group is the largest group through which the Gospel can flow without encountering a significant barrier.

personalization: A strategy implemented by the IMB to increase the involvement of churches and SBC partners in global missions. Goals include training missionaries to establish and nurture personalized relationships with churches and other partners; and training IMB staff to provide quality, personalized service to churches, state conventions, associations and other SBC entities.

prayerwalking: on-site intercession—walking and talking with God, hearing and heeding His voice, seeing and sensing as He does

strategy coordinator: a missionary or church who takes responsibility for developing a comprehensive plan aimed at initiating and nurturing a church-planting movement among an unreached people group or population segment

unengaged people group: any people group without an evangelical church-planting methodology being implemented

unreached people group: a people group comprised of less than 2 percent evangelical Christians

volunteer: used in reference to participants in the IMB's home office volunteer program and for overseas personnel serving four months or less