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"This good news of the kingdom will be proclaimed in all the world as a testimony to all nations. And then the end will come."

Matthew 24:14

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WORLD LEADERS - Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray today for Prime Minister Abdallah bin Nasir bin Khalif Al Thani of Qatar (Middle East, peninsula bordering the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia).

AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr) - A Colombian Baptist church in a town near the Ar people has expressed a desire to begin to reach out and minister to this people group. They have approached some IMB missionaries, asking for help and training. They want to join with national missionaries Juan* and Diana* in sharing the Gospel, but realize that they know nothing about cross-cultural work. Pray as IMB missionaries team with Juan and Diana to provide training and guidance to this church as they begin a new ministry among this indigenous people group. Pray for open hearts and minds during the training times and discussion, and ask that God will begin to bring unity of vision and purpose as they seek ways to minister together. (*pseudonyms)

ARMENIAN PEOPLE OF ARMENIA (ar-MEEN-yuhn) - “Armenia has a rich Christian history. According to historical accounts, Thaddeus and Bartholomew, two of the apostles, traveled through this country, preaching the Word of God. Many people became believers, and small Christian communities were started. Even today, there are many church planters still traveling throughout the country to spread the Good News. Due to a declining situation economically, Armenians feel that there is no hope in their future. With rising prices and low salaries, they are leaving their country by the thousands to find work abroad. Join us on April 24-30 as we focus on the following prayer needs: Please pray for Armenians to look to the God of hope for a secure future. Also pray for Armenian church planters not to grow weary in doing well. Pray for the Armenian evangelical church to be able to stand strong in the face of such desperate times.” “Let all who seek You rejoice and be glad in You; let those who love Your salvation continually say, ‘The Lord is great!’” (Psalm 40:16, HSCB).

KABYLE BERBERS OF ALGERIA AND FRANCE (kuh-BEEL BER-bers) - Two years ago, Lydia* witnessed to a prison inmate named Cara*, who was then transferred to another prison. Cara returned to the original city for medical care, prompting Lydia to visit her in the penitentiary unit of the hospital. She is in the final stages of cancer, but recognized Lydia right away. As Lydia listened, prayed, and talked to her about Jesus, Cara stated that she was among those people to whom God could never extend His grace or forgiveness because of the horror of her crime. Through the power of the Holy Spirit taking over Lydia’s words, she saw Him meet Cara in the depths of her heart, where Cara finally found release, true freedom, and forgiveness as she placed all of her faith and trust in the Lord Jesus and His saving work on the cross. Lydia said goodbye to her with a sense that she would not see Cara again in this world, but Cara’s smiling, peaceful face was assurance that they would meet again in heaven. Give praise to God and rejoice with the heavenly angels as they welcome Cara with open arms! Pray that the many seeds planted through Lydia’s visits in the prison will bear even more fruit. (*pseudonyms)

BAMBARA OF MALI (BAHM-bah-rah) - “On a recent drive out to a village, we parked beside a widow’s house. When we asked where she was, we were told that she was cleaning up the girls who had just been circumcised. We looked around for some of the 12-year-old girls we know and they were there, so we asked which girls were being circumcised. We were told that it was the 2 year olds! Mali is one of the countries in which the traditional practice of female circumcision continues. It’s estimated that 85 percent of females over 9 years of age have been circumcised. The reason given for this practice is that it prevents them from being promiscuous. For a time I was resentful of the men for this, until I discovered that it’s not the men who insist upon it, but the old women of the village! When holding medical clinics in the villages, we’ve found that many young girls have infections that are a result of circumcision. Repeated infections sometimes lead to sterility, and a sterile woman has no respect in this country. This practice is against the law in Mali, but that law is not enforced in the villages. There only the chief of the village is obeyed, and it’s doubtful that a chief would stand up to all the old women of the village! Pray that this debilitating and hurtful practice will be eradicated in Mali and throughout the world. Pray that I will know how to address this issue in the villages.”

LOMWE OF MALAWI AND MOZAMBIQUE (LOHM-way) - The people of “Epistle Village” have been hearing chronological Bible teaching for a few months now. Recently they heard that God refused to allow His people (with the notable exceptions of Joshua and Caleb) to enter the Promised Land because of a lack of faith. Since the story of The Fall of Man, those living in “Epistle Village” have heard about the consequences of failing to believe what God says and acting accordingly. Pray that this repeated theme will be used by the Holy Spirit to show the people of “Epistle Village” their need for the Savior.

PEOPLES OF NORTHERN MADAGASCAR - Thanks to volunteers from Kentucky traveling all the way to northeastern Madagascar and to Baptist Global Response and a small church in Missouri for sending the needed funds, villages with no access to clean drinking water are having wells installed! Please pray for missionary apprentices Kurtis and Holly Jones and the team of volunteers not only to be able to complete the job of digging and installing these wells, but also to impact these villages with the message of Jesus Christ. As these villages receive clean drinking water that will impact their health today, pray for them to receive the Living Water that will impact their eternity!

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICAN UNENGAGED PEOPLES - Please continue to pray for the ongoing research among the unengaged, unreached people groups (UUPGs) in East Africa. Preliminary reports are that many of these groups are indeed unengaged and unreached, but live among groups that do have access to the Gospel. They just live and function separately, with no effort being made to bring them to Christ. Jesus said that His return will not come until every tribe and every nation hears the Word of the Lord (Matthew 24:14). Please pray for wisdom to know the best way to begin work among these peoples, and for hearts to answer God’s call to come and serve Him in reaching these who are lost. With your prayers, the battle is half won!

AMAZON PEOPLES OF THE AMAZON RIVER BASIN (AM-uh-zahn) - A worker wants to concentrate now on training, training, training--training local people to carry on the work when she retires. Pray that God will lead her as she seeks to let go of some of her previous responsibilities so that she can dedicate more time to the training of leaders. Ask God to lead her to His chosen leaders, and pray that they will be able to meet with her on a regular basis and that they will be open, able to learn, and share what they learn. Pray that this worker will rest in God’s sovereignty to continue His work.

MONGOLS OF OUTER MONGOLIA (MON-gols) - Praying and trusting God to direct their steps, Peaceful Joy* and Precious Adornment*, a husband and wife, worked with their home groups to plan outreaches centered around the Mongolian New Year celebration. During the Christmas season, they had made warm gloves for herdsmen with “Jesus Loves You” stitched on them, so they stayed with that same message and wrote it on pieces of paper that also included a Bible verse and contact information. They passed them out as they met people and also went door to door in their communities. God honored their faithfulness, and He brought nearly 20 people to saving faith in Jesus! Please ask God to strengthen the new believers and enable them to walk fully after God and be faithful witnesses to their unreached family members. (*pseudonyms)

MOUNTAIN YI OF EAST ASIA (ee) - The Lord has worked mightily in the past year among the Mountain Yi! Many have come to faith, and churches are being planted. One man in particular, Brother Timothy*, has labored faithfully to see his people reached with the Gospel. But in the past year, Brother Timothy has faced the loss of his home, health difficulties, and family troubles. Please pray for special comfort for this key servant, evangelist, and pastor to the Mountain Yi. Ask that fellow Mountain Yi believers will support and encourage their leader, as he has often been an encouragement to them. (*pseudonym)

PEOPLE OF FOUR CITIES BETWEEN TWO RIVERS, CHINA - A believer’s friend called her one day, asking her to come to her fruit stall because there was someone there who wanted to meet her. When the believer got to the fruit stall, she met a wrinkled but energetic old woman. The woman said that she had seen the believer walking around her neighborhood, and she had been praying and looking for the believer for more than a month. She said that she had been a believer herself for more than 20 years. Because of past experiences, the believer had learned not to get excited right away when someone said that they were a fellow believer, but first to put them to the test. They chatted for awhile, and the old woman basically said all the right things a believer would say. But when it was time to go, she carefully handed the believer a bag of fruit, whispering, “There is a book at the very bottom that you need to study. I’ve known about it for 11 years.” When the believer got home and opened it up, her heart sank. She realized that the old woman was involved in a very deceiving and very dangerous cult. The believer feels that she should continue to meet with the woman to share Truth with her. Pray for her, and pray that this old woman will no longer be deceived, but will have the wisdom to accept God’s Truth.

JAMBI-MALAY OF SUMATRA, INDONESIA (JAHM-bee muh-LAY) - Praise the Lord for new laborers for the harvest in the province who are spreading the Good News every day! Pray for them as they face adversity and discouragement. Pray for those who are hearing and believing. God is faithful to those who show obedience, and people are coming to Him one by one. Pray for the new believers, some of whom will be ostracized by their families. Pray that they will cling to the Lord and continue to follow Him, even when it is difficult. They are learning to prove their faithfulness to Jesus through obedience to Luke 14:26 (HCSB), which says: “If anyone comes to Me and does not hate his own father and mother, wife and children, brothers and sisters--yes, and even his own life--he cannot be My disciple.” Praise the Lord for true disciples!

JAMMU, INDIA (juh-MOO) - “Praise the Lord that the training of pastors from a like-minded organization in our area went well! Please pray that relationships will continue to develop and opportunities will open for us to train in these pastors’ networks. One discipleship group is forming with about 15 or so individuals who will focus on discipleship and accountability over the next six months, so please pray that these participants will show obedience to our Lord in all that He commands and that they will lead others to be obedient and fruitful as well (2 Timothy 2:2). Also, there is an opportunity to train pastors from another organization in our state that is like minded. Please ask the Lord to guide as He desires, and pray for appropriate doors to open according to His will. Ask for many to hear the Good News throughout our state as more workers are trained and sent out!”

DEAF PEOPLES - “‘Can you do anything to make the bad go away?’ On a day trip with Deaf friends, Phun* took us to a Hindu temple. He explained that some statues were Chinese, Hindu or Buddhist. In one area was a mat with an open-ended cylinder container, with sticks in it. Phun knelt on the mat, bowed before the statues, picked up the cylinder, and shook it until a stick came out. The stick had #35 on it. Phun walked over to an area with drawers. He found Drawer #35 and drew out a small piece of paper. He looked sad and said, ‘The paper told me that I drink and smoke too much; therefore, I’m bad. I can do nothing to take the bad away.’ My friend told the biblical story called ‘Two Houses’. Phun said that there are many ways to heaven. I told the story called ‘I Am the Way.’ Phun was surprised at this teaching about the absolute Way to heaven. He asked about demons, so I told the story called ‘Man With a Legion of Demons.’ Phun was amazed at the power of Jesus to cast out demons. However, the aura of sadness remained as the day-trip ended. Phun and I exchanged numbers. I promised that when I came to Bangkok, I’d contact him. Pray that Phun will remember the stories and trust in Jesus.” (*pseudonym)

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