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"Know that the LORD has set apart the faithful for Himself; the LORD will hear when I call to Him."

Psalm 4:3

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WORLD LEADERS - Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence” (1 Timothy 2:1-2). Please pray today for Prime Minister Victor-Viorel Ponta of Romania (southeastern Europe, between Ukraine and Bulgaria).

DEAF PEOPLES - StoryOne Base Training Camps are needed in many countries in Africa. Lift up missionaries in Africa as they prepare for these camps, and then invite and train the Deaf. Pray for all the resources and logistics needed for the camps to fall into place. Ask God to send the Deaf to the camps to be trained in crafting Bible stories in their heart language. Pray for those who will be teaching to be clear as they teach His stories.

TAJIKS OF TAJIKISTAN (TAH-jeeks) - “The arrival of spring in March brought us opportunities to spend more time with local people and be in their homes. Pray for wisdom and boldness as we follow up with the contacts we made in March and seek to share even more with local Tajiks.”

BIHARI MUSLIMS OF BANGLADESH (bee-HAR-ree) - Approximately 60 children from Bihari Muslim families attend programs at the Light of Faith Center. They live day to day in the cramped quarters of tiny concrete homes surrounded by busy streets. Rarely do they see green grass or have an opportunity to play in open areas. This year’s annual Light of Faith picnic will be held in April. Please pray for the Light of Faith staff as they plan for this outing. Pray that it will be a safe and fun time for the children, a time to learn about the goodness and love of God, and a time to make great memories.

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM (HOE-chee-men) - Chau* is a young believer who has a passion to see God’s kingdom multiply many times over in the city and beyond. Every day Chau takes time to share the Gospel with the people around her. Each week she moves among six different areas to meet with new believers to disciple them. Please pray that God will raise up more laborers to follow her example in abundantly sharing the Gospel with every person in this city. Pray that as Chau disciples others, they, too, will accept God’s call to invest in the lives of a next generation of believers. Pray that in each of the six locations where Chau works, a new, multiplying church will be started. Ask God to raise up a multitude of servants for Himself in this city so that all 10 million people may believe. (*pseudonym)

EAST ASIAN PEOPLES - Pray that East Asian Christians worldwide will devote themselves fully to Christ, living as God’s chosen people and sharing His Gospel of salvation with those who have not yet believed (1 Peter 2:9).

OUTER RIM PEOPLE, EAST ASIA - “Please pray for us as we try to communicate with those who need to hear the Good News,” workers ask. “Language is always an issue. Even when we can speak the ‘lingua franca,’ we have no guarantee that we will be able to communicate clearly with the people. Usually each pocket of people constitutes its own people group with its own language and culture, which is slightly different than that of its neighbors. As we prepare to head for the mountains this month and following, please pray that the Lord will enable us to comprehend and communicate effectively.”

PEOPLE OF THE UNENGAGED CITIES OF EAST JAPAN - The recovery following the earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011, which rattled Japan and ravaged more than 600 miles of its coastline, seems excruciatingly slow. More than 140,000 survivors, whose lives were changed forever, remain in temporary housing. Thousands are still without jobs. Young families continue to leave the area in search of a new life elsewhere. “Heart care” remains a high priority as victims (especially males and the elderly) hide inside--grieving, fearful, angry, lonely, hopeless and depressed--and refuse to come out. Pray for the leaders responsible for the reconstruction to be sensitive to the needs and desires of the people. Pray that survivors living in Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima Prefectures will find hope, healing, joy and peace as they accept salvation through Christ and grasp the Gospel message they have heard over these past three years. Pray for people to see Jesus and make Him their Savior and Lord!

CHUABO OF MOZAMBIQUE (SHWAH-boh) - Just imagine women and young girls walking one to two miles every day to get clean water, and the “clean water” they are getting is not all that clean. But now, through the Living Water Project, many women and young girls don’t have to travel very long for clean water to drink! Please pray for the Living Water Project among the Chuabo of Mozambique. Pray that as people receive a water well in their village, they will be open to receiving also the true Living Water who can cleanse them from their sins. Ask God to open many doors where the Gospel can be shared in the many villages that will receive a water well.

JAHANKA OF SENEGAL, GUINEA AND THE GAMBIA (jah-HONK-kay) - God is at work in the towns of “Kay” and “Ya.” In both places, there is a small group of Jahanka believers and seekers who are meeting weekly. Some mature believers who have been working with them will be in another location for several months. Pray that the people will continue to grow spiritually during these months. Pray also for those who are leading each group, asking that they will trust God and learn how to be good leaders with His help. Finally, pray that both groups will reach the point that they identify themselves as a church.

NIGERIA - This year is a special year for all Nigerian Baptists: They are celebrating 100 years as a convention! Despite fuel scarcity, political tension and insurgence activity, there will probably be more than 10,000 Baptists in attendance at their annual meeting. IMB President Tom Elliff, as well as leaders from the Sub-Saharan Africa affinity group, will also be in attendance. Please pray for a peaceful convention where God, rather than men, will be glorified and lifted up. Pray for travel mercies for all who will attend.

NKOYA OF WESTERN ZAMBIA (n’COY-yah) - Please pray for Houston*, a home missionary to the Nkoya people. He has brought his wife and children to a new place to minister and is serving the Lord with everything he has. Pray for him to have stamina and wisdom as he visits with many church leaders and preaches the Word of God in many places, prayerfully helping to begin new churches. Pray with the Upper Zambezi Team: “Thank You, God, for A.! Please use him for Your name’s glory!” (*pseudonym)

NORTHERN AFRICAN AND MIDDLE EASTERN UNENGAGED PEOPLES - According to the online Jewish Virtual Library: “Of all the countries in Europe, Germany is one of the richest in Jewish history and tradition. Though Germany is most famous--or rather infamous--in Jewish history for being the epicenter of the Nazi ‘Final Solution,’ even the Holocaust was unable to bring to an end the 1,600 years of continuous habitation and cultural flourishing the Jewish community has had in Germany. Ashkenazi Jewry has been shaped for a millennia and a half in the tumultuous, ever-changing German political, social and economic landscape. Today, there are approximately 119,000 Jews in Germany--making it the eighth largest Jewish community in the world--and Germany is one of Israel’s closest allies among the European nations. The German government also works hard to preserve the memories of the Holocaust.” Although anti-Semitism is on the rise in Europe and in Germany, it is much worse in neighboring countries and Germany still remains a faithful and active friend of Israel. Please pray for whoever is seeking God’s wisdom in going to Germany to work among the Jewish people. Pray for the German Jews, asking that they will already be seeking His face. Pray that they will not let the Holocaust prevent them from believing in God, or His Son. Ask the Lord to heal the wounds the horrible tragedy of the war created.

TUAREG OF THE SAHARA DESERT (TWAR-eg) - It was a hot, sunny day when a family of believers met Anthony* at his new home. He had left a war-torn land to return with his family to his mother’s home. His entire family heard stories of Jesus that day and were interested in hearing more. The next time the family stopped by, it was moving day. Anthony and his family were moving to a new house just a short walk away, so they jumped in and helped them move and shared more of the love of God with them. Each time that family or another local believer visited Anthony’s house, everyone present listened to what was being said and wanted to hear more. Not long afterwards, Anthony took his wife and children and returned to the war-torn land of the Sahara. Please pray for Anthony and his family to have dreams of Jesus and contact with believers in their new home. (*pseudonym)

EUROPEAN PEOPLES - We’ve all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” But ask any farmer, and they will tell you that there is a lot more than rain that is needed for a good crop! This month may bring the moisture needed for plants to begin to grow, but much hard work must also be invested in plowing the fields and planting the seeds before the spring rains come. Pray that workers in Germany will sow many spiritual seeds this month and that in due time, there will be an abundant harvest.

LAST FRONTIER - “As we plant new churches to reach our Last Frontier people group, our desire is that we would see local leaders rise up to carry on the work, with a lessening involvement on our part. Pray that our local house church will find a safe place to meet weekly, that leaders will rise up, that we will train the house church members well, and that many people will be added to the body through their witness.”

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