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by David Garrison

The big question floating around the world of IMB missionaries these days is WIGTAKE?!? --or "What's it gonna take to reach my people with the gospel?" Invariably, the question has lifted missionaries out of the confines of their own personal limitations and into the arena of what God is doing in the world.

Our God is a BIG God! And He has BIG resources from which to draw! When missionaries go on mission with God, they find a vast array of Great Commission co-laborers and evangelization resources at His disposal. More and more missionaries working in the new paradigm of possibilities comment that each term brings a growing awareness of more and more prayer networks, Bible distribution avenues, evangelization partners and church planting colleagues. The truth is, God has more resources than we can ever fully take advantage of.

Even though the road to partnerships is becoming well-worn for many, other IMB colleagues still view it as uncharted territory. In this issue of The Strategist we will highlight some of the dynamics and guiding principles of relationships and partnerships (they're not the same thing!).

We're also giving attention to the ongoing ethos issue of "passionately seeking of the lost." Larry Gay contributes a passionate treatise from south of the border that can apply anywhere. Finally, we're taking a further step in defining the new directions that we're observing around the world by clarifying terms and titles for personnel assignments some of which didn't even exist only a year ago. Good things are underway and better things are ahead as we passionately pursue the question: What's it gonna take?!?

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