• Marketplace Professionals

    As a part of IMB’s mandate, Marketplace Advance is a hub for corporate leaders and employees, other marketplace professionals, and students entering the international marketplace...

  • Human Needs

    Human needs ministries offer Southern Baptist missionaries the opportunity to love God and their neighbor by combining spiritual and physical assistance...

  • Health Care

    For Christians, healing the sick has always gone hand-in-hand with sharing the Gospel. Health care is at the heart of Southern Baptist global missions. Jesus modeled it Himself, sending His followers out with instructions to both preach and heal...

  • IMB Students

    imbStudents is the student and young adult mobilization ministry of IMB, providing international mission opportunities throughout the world for individuals and teams...

  • IMB Women

    The IMB Women initiative encourages women to embrace God's heart for the people He created and the world He loves...

  • Black Missions Link

    African-American Baptists have a long history of missions involvement. Today, African Americans are stepping up to join God on mission, in Africa, the Americas, Europe and Asia...

  • Kids On Mission

    Children can be involved in missions! Kids On Mission wants to help you in leading your children to learn, pray and serve in God’s world. Every child who loves Jesus has a role in global missions...

  • Totally His

    Christ tells us to be totally committed - first to love Him, then to love others as much as we love ourselves. We are to give all of our heart, soul and mind to being Christ-like. Are you up for the challenge?

  • Photos

    High-resolution images to download, for use in your church for praying, giving, or going...

  • Videos

    Themed and non-themed videos to stream or download, for use in your church for praying, giving, or going...

  • Fast Facts

    Active field personnel, overseas baptisms, new people groups engaged, and more - quick statistics for viewing or for download...

  • VBS – Making a World of Difference

    Your VBS offering can increase God's work. Because you give, IMB missionaries can share Christ's love with those living without hope. Because you give, missionaries are in place and ready to offer aid and ministry in times of war and natural disasters...

  • Events

    From missions trainings to pastors' conferences and other events for every audience, this listing shows what's happening over the next several months...

  • E-mail Subscription

    Stay informed by receiving information, news and updates on topics of interest through our email newsletters. We offer various newsletters that range in topic and frequency...

  • American peoples

    "American" is not just the U.S. These people groups are found in North, South, and Central America, as well as nearby islands.

  • Central Asian peoples

    Largely hidden from the rest of the world for years behind the Iron Curtain, the Central Asian peoples have emerged on the world stage, but remain among the world's least evangelized.

  • Deaf peoples

    More than 225 million people in the world are unable to hear well enough to process information. Millions of Deaf function inside cultures and languages that supersede other ethnic distinctions.

  • East Asian peoples

    The Han Chinese is the world's largest people group. But many diverse cultures, people groups, and countries are represented in the East Asian peoples.

  • European peoples

    Russia is home to the largest number of European peoples, though European peoples can be found in many countries all around the world.

  • Northern African and Middle Eastern peoples

    While Arabs are the most well-known of these peoples, and Islam often dominates this region, many other people groups are represented here, such as Jews, Berbers, and Ethiopians.

  • South Asian peoples

    Many South Asian peoples live and work in Western countries, but many more still live in South Asia. All together, the population of unreached South Asian people groups exceeds 1.2 billion.

  • Southeast Asian peoples

    Buddhism and Islam reign in Southeast Asian countries like Thailand and Indonesia. Many people groups in this diverse area have not yet heard of Jesus.

  • Sub-Saharan African peoples

    The heartbreak of AIDS, and many other poverty-related problems, often plague the peoples of sub-Saharan Africa. But they also boast a vibrant and growing Christian presence.

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Find Your Role
See It

The first step in living missional is to see that God is on mission. God has invited you to live “sent” — integrating your life into what He has been doing in the world from the beginning.

Live It

Love the ethnic diversity where you live. God is bringing the world to our doorstep. Reach the nations in your city. “At our door is the very work we crave.” —Lottie Moon

Try It

Get your feet wet and, for certain, get your passport. Experience crossing-cultures, learn to think like a missionary, serve others in another land, and use your life to influence the nations.

Do It

Everyone talks about doing something. Stop talking, and do it. You can D.I.Y. or gather a community of women to make a global impact.


Imagine: God uniquely designed you to take part in His mission.

The God who created you to be on mission with Him designed every season of your life, every place that you live, every relationship you make, every talent you possess, every passion you have and every job you take to be the means to living His mission.

Maybe you will GO to tell someone, or maybe you will SEND someone to go and tell.
Maybe you will PRAY for doors to open, or maybe you will INSPIRE others to walk through open doors.
Maybe you will LOVE someone who is broken, or maybe you will GIVE so they can be restored.

You have a role in the Great Commission. We want to inspire and equip you to find your role in God’s story and empower you to multiply that passion as you disciple others.