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Find Your Role
See It

The first step in living missional is to see that God is on mission. God has invited you to live “sent” — integrating your life into what He has been doing in the world from the beginning.

Live It

Love the ethnic diversity where you live. God is bringing the world to our doorstep. Reach the nations in your city. “At our door is the very work we crave.” —Lottie Moon

Try It

Get your feet wet and, for certain, get your passport. Experience crossing-cultures, learn to think like a missionary, serve others in another land, and use your life to influence the nations.

Do It

Everyone talks about doing something. Stop talking, and do it. You can D.I.Y. or gather a community of women to make a global impact.


Maybe you will GO to tell someone,
or maybe you will SEND someone to go and tell.
Maybe you will PRAY for doors to open,
or maybe you will INSPIRE others to walk through open doors.
Maybe you will LOVE someone who is broken,
or maybe you will GIVE so they can be restored.

We want to inspire and equip you to find your role in God’s story and empower you to multiply that passion as you disciple others.