Jeff and Barbara Singerman

The Singerman family, including the kids, asked God to give them a clear invitation to plant churches in Benin, the birthplace of voodoo.

Jeff and Barbara Singerman went to Benin as youth workers, but soon felt a desire to plant churches among an unreached people group. In 1996 Jeff traveled to the area where the Ayizo people live so he could scope out possibilities. Back at home, Barbara and their kids prayed that if God wanted them to go to the Ayizo, He would give Jeff a clear invitation.

As Jeff visited villages, he encouraged people to walk on God’s path. A toothless older man said to him, “How can we know what God’s path is if you don’t come back and tell us?”

The invitation couldn’t have been clearer.

The Singermans partnered with African Christians to plant 40 churches among the Ayizo. From there, the gospel spread to multiple people groups through the combined efforts of Jeff and Barbara, their African partners, and U.S. volunteer teams. When the Singermans arrived in Benin, there were 30 Baptist churches. When they left, there were at least 350.

After transferring to the Democratic Republic of the Congo to train African Christians to take the gospel to those who’ve never heard it, Jeff nearly lost his life in a devastating car accident. The Singermans returned to the United States for rehab and surgeries, but they were able to go back to the DRC.

“Never once did it cross . . . our minds that we shouldn’t be in Africa,” Jeff said. “Our hearts are there, and we’re going to serve no matter what, even if it does cost us our lives.”

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