Does it Matter to Missions that India’s Economy is Exploding?

Business is booming in India. The nation boasts the world’s fastest growing economy, overshadowing even its economically powerful neighbor, China.

India also has the world’s largest population of unreached and unengaged people: 21.5 million. Although income and revenue are growing at a staggering pace, the opportunities for a spiritual investment remain largely untapped. People are born, live, and die without any access to the gloriously redemptive gospel of Christ.

But these two things—a burgeoning economy and millions of people with no access to the gospel—are, or should be, related. Economic growth means expanding business opportunities, which in turn means an unprecedented open door for Christian business people from around the world to literally set up shop among the these peoples.

This economic growth is a bridge into gospel opportunities among a people with very little access to it otherwise. Christian business women and men, how will you leverage your experience, education, and time to take advantage of this opportunity?


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