Gospel Growth in the Face of Opposition

Jesus promised there would be rocky soil as we scatter gospel seeds. There just seems to be a lot of it in Central Asia.

In many places, the work is what some people call zero-to-one, which means you’re starting with no believers or church and trying to lead one person to faith in Jesus so a community can grow. However, opposition to this work is far from uncommon.

Persecution in Central Asia often has one of two effects. Either people reluctantly decline a decision to follow Jesus out of fear, or they embrace the decision knowing full well it could cost them their safety, families, or even their lives.

Central Asia is a testimony to the truth that when persecution comes, the gospel goes forth.

Men and women have labored long and hard for the gospel in fields that seem to be barren. Although it’s tempting to equate big results with success, God’s timing for the harvest is perfect.

Workers in Central Asia are breaking through to good soil, and the gospel is taking root. They’re able to engage with Muslims by using Any-3: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, and by genuinely integrating themselves into their culture as light bearers.

Workers in primarily atheist countries are seeing laws tightened to prevent the gospel from spreading, but they’re also witnessing the bold faith of those who refuse to be bullied into silence.

Central Asia is a testimony to the truth that when persecution comes, the gospel goes forth (Acts 8). To that end, join us in prayer with the Central Asia Prayer Guide, which can give you more details about the work at hand.

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