Week of Prayer for International Missions: Day 8

Sidewalk Chapel

Masuda San was a broken man when he showed up at Mark Bennett’s sidewalk chapel for the homeless in Tokyo, Japan. “It was a typical story. They come for the food,” said Mark, an IMB missionary. “But while they’re there, we give them a portion of Scripture and share the gospel.” And Mark learns their names — a big deal when you feel nameless and faceless, not seen by anyone. It got Masuda San’s attention. It brought him out of the shadows, and he just couldn’t get enough.

He couldn’t get enough Scripture either. He blazed through the Gospel of John and came back and asked for more. Then he asked for more again. Within six months, he had read the whole Bible. “He has this little worn-out New Testament, and it has notes and highlights,” Mark said. “We’ll be sitting around in Bible study, and someone will ask a question and he’ll start teaching them from Scripture. He knows the Word, and the Holy Spirit is using him to teach these other guys.”

PRAY for the gospel to take root as Mark and his teammates work to meet the needs of dozens of homeless men on the streets of Tokyo.
PRAY for the men to find their significance in Christ

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