Prayers and dreams save life of unborn child

Jamila*, a young North African woman, moved to a large city following her wedding. After a few months, it was clear the realities of her new life were not meeting the new bride’s expectations. Jamila found herself involved in family conflict and living far from her husband, who worked in another town and visited her every few weeks. Disappointed by her marriage, she decided to file for divorce.

Doctors had told Jamila that she would not be able to have a baby. Then, the unexpected happened. Jamila became pregnant.

For many, this baby would be considered a miracle, but Jamila considered it a curse. Her plan to divorce her husband was in question. She felt the baby would either imprison her in a hopeless marriage or leave her destitute as a single mother. She couldn’t imagine sharing parental responsibilities with her spouse but didn’t have an avenue to provide for a child independently. Paralyzed by fear, Jamila believed the only solution was to abort the baby and follow through with her original plan to end her marriage.

Shaken to her core, Jamila met with an IMB worker, Rosie*. Jamila explained her situation and expressed her fears about the future. Rosie pleaded with her to consider the baby as a living being, created by God. The two talked for a long time and ended the evening in prayer. Rosie went home and asked others to pray urgently.

For days Christians across the globe prayed. Rosie pleaded with Jamila to reconsider; still, she was determined to have the abortion. But then God moved. On Wednesday, Jamila went to her first appointment at an abortion clinic. The doctor refused to discuss the procedure because he didn’t think Jamila was certain. On Friday, she overslept for an appointment at a second clinic. People across the globe continued to pray.

On Saturday, she had a dream. While crossing the street with a smiling healthy baby, she heard a male voice speak to her in Arabic. He said something startling similar to Isaiah 43:2. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.” When Rosie heard about the dream, she urged Jamila to listen to the voice. And people across the globe continued to pray. On Sunday night, Jamila had the same dream again. And people across the globe continued to pray. Within the week, Jamila decided to keep the baby.

God heard His people’s prayers and interceded in supernatural ways to preserve a precious baby’s life. After deciding to keep the baby, Jamila’s struggles were far from over. Still, in her darkest moments, Christians stood with her, speaking the truth and showing love. While Jamila has yet to follow Christ, she is now reunified with her husband and enjoying life as a mother. And still, people across the globe continue to pray.