Send Relief funds supply South Asian communities with food

During this season of shutdown due to COVID-19, businesses, restaurants and stores have been closed in Blake and Mackenzi Skidmore’s* city. The Skidmores serve among South Asians living in Europe.

Closures that resulted from the coronavirus have left many people without work and a paycheck. The Skidmores recently received approval for a Send Relief project that will allow them to deliver food and necessities to those in need.

One of their national partners delivered some of the first bags of food to people most in need.

Upon receiving a Send Relief food bag, a woman said, with tears in her eyes, that she did not have food—she didn’t even have one rupee, roughly one cent. The woman repeatedly thanked the Skidmores’ national partner for the food relief bags.

Another man said he was extremely thankful to receive the food. He said that though he had requested food from other places, no one had been able to help him.

Another woman, upon receiving the bag of food and necessities, and knowing it came through the local church, expressed her interest in joining the Christians in their church for worship.

“We are thankful for this opportunity to help those around us, and pray God continues to use it for His glory,” the Skidmores say.

To join the Skidmores and their national partners as they provide food bags for families in need, donate to Send Relief’s COVID-19 international fund.