Malagasy Christian grows in ministry

Marka* is a young man from southern Madagascar with a passion for those who don’t know Christ. Several years ago, Marka responded to God’s call to take the gospel to the Tanala, an unreached people group in Madagascar. Marka was commissioned by a like-minded organization.

Marka was surprised to find how unreached some areas of Madagascar are because there is a more established gospel presence among his people, the Malagasy. When Marka visited a new village, he asked if they knew Jesus. The villagers stared at him, then finally offered to take him to the village leader, who would, perhaps, know this “Jesus” person and where he could be found.

God has blessed Marka’s ministry and many families put their faith in Christ. Marka has been faithfully sharing the gospel and discipling alongside another Malagasy family.

Due to the pandemic, Marka has been unable to return to his area of ministry among the Tanala due to road closures. Marka had returned to his hometown to care for his mother’s health needs. At first, he was disappointed he wasn’t able to return, but the Lord is opening doors for him to minister among his people, the Malagasy. Marka believes God opened a door for him to minister among his own people when his family responsibilities and COVID-19 kept him at home.

Despite travel restrictions, pray more and more Tanala people will hear about Jesus. Pray for Marka as he ministers among his people group. For a number of years, Marka has struggled with extreme swelling in his knee. Pray for healing so he is able to continue sharing the gospel.

*Name changed