Believers in Madagascar partner to craft Bible stories in local dialects

Three teams of story crafters representing three local dialects worked to craft more than 70 stories from God’s Word over a three-year period. These stories are now being broadcast by a radio station.

In the last ten years, believers in southwest Madagascar have crafted over 100 local dialect Bible stories that are now told over the radio each Sunday, Monday and Wednesday. Missionaries secured a weekly 20-minute radio segment for the stories when COVID-19 prevented churches from meeting in person.

Antonny, one of the local pastors, receives texts after the stories play. More than 15 people have contacted him asking about salvation, discipleship opportunities, local churches, or to share stories with others. Pastor Antonny and his church have followed up as coronavirus restrictions allow.

One of those who has reached out is a witch doctor who asked for prayer for delivery from evil spirits. Another was a young girl who had a baby soon after hearing the stories. She asked Pastor Antonny for a Bible name because of her excitement from hearing the stories. Now her newborn is named Samuel.

One of the people groups we work with is four hours south in a rural area. We haven’t been able to travel to this area because the roads have been cut off since the coronavirus broke out. My husband, Nathan, mentioned that to his new friend who runs the radio station, and our friend said he runs the radio station in that area as well. With his help, Nathan was able to get the stories on the rural radio station too. Our pastors there have shared that they are able to visit with their church plants and refer to the radio stories and use them for discipleship during this time.

IMB missionary Nathan Baker works with local partner Pastor Edia, to craft Bible stories from the Book of Job. These stories are now broadcast on the radio in more than 100 dialects.

Just in the last month, Nathan and the local team of believers have completed a 20-minute  radio drama from the book of Job. The story includes four voices (all speaking different local languages and dialects) sharing the hope and comfort of God’s presence in suffering in the story of Job. Pray that this story comforts many who are suffering during this hard time.

Please pray with us each Sunday at 10 a.m., each Monday at 1 p.m. and each Wednesday at 10 a.m. as the stories play. Pray that God would continue to bring His truth over the airwaves of Madagascar.