One man’s vision leads to immigrant and Indigenous Burmese partnership

Sammy’s vision in 2004 was clear: God wanted him to raise up leaders who have the same faith that Moses of the Old Testament had.

Sammy, senior consultant for Asian ministries at his state convention, believes that “just as God met Moses and sent him back to Egypt to bring his people to the Promised Land, so too will God meet immigrants today and send them home to spread the gospel—we just have to raise up leaders.”

He is passionate about equipping the next generation of leaders among Asian-American communities and connecting Asian-American churches to fulfill the Great Commission. In September 2019 Sammy saw his vision become a reality when he led a team of immigrant pastors and leaders from the U.S. on a vision trip to their native country, Myanmar (Burma).

Sammy connected with IMB missionaries in Southeast Asia through Asian pastors and churches in his home state and a Great Commission Partnership director at his state convention.

“We had no idea what God had in store for our time there, but it became clear that God is bringing the vision of seeing 21st century versions of Moses into reality,” said Sammy.

Once in Myanmar the team from the U.S. met with IMB missionaries and learned how to assist in their strategies for partnering with local leaders in evangelism and church planting. This was the first group of Burmese from the U.S. the missionaries had worked with.

“It was a great joy to see how the Burmese leaders from the States worked together with IMB missionaries and indigenous leaders with the same goal and heart to reach the lost for Christ,” said Sammy. “Even though this trip was a ‘vision trip’ for the U.S. Burmese leaders, it was more than that. To them, it was a homecoming.”

Working alongside the local Burmese leaders proved to be an encouragement to those from the U.S. They returned home with Burmese Christian resources and insight from their fellow believers on how to better strengthen and equip their churches in the U.S.

For Kinraw, a ministry coordinator for his state convention, this partnership of mutual encouragement between Southeast Asian leaders in the U.S., the indigenous believers in Myanmar and IMB missionaries is a testimony to the necessity of the Cooperative Program.

“Before I went to Burma, our church didn’t give as much to the Cooperative Program. But once I was in Burma, I realized how important it is,” Kinraw said.

“We all might not be able to go to Burma, but we can give to the Cooperative Program and fund the work the IMB missionaries are doing [in Southeast Asia]. They need the Cooperative Program to continue to do the missions work.”

When you give to the Cooperative Program you help fund vital partnerships like that between IMB missionaries and the immigrant and indigenous Burmese believers. Give today to further the Revelation 7:9 vision of a great multitude: