Global call to pray for Myanmar

Myanmar (formerly known as Burma) has the longest-running civil war in history, spanning 70 years. The country is divided into seven regions, and within these regions, minority people groups have their own armies who have fought against the majority people group for decades.

In November 2020, the people of Myanmar participated in its second-ever election—a small glimmer of democracy in a history of military dictatorship and shifting governments.

On February 1, 2021, this democracy was ripped away from the people overnight as the military seized control. The country faces chaos and violence, and people are actively advocating and protesting to keep the military from stealing their freedom and the bright future democracy promised.

Pray for believers

Most believers in Myanmar are generational believers, claiming Christ in name only. Pray that recent tragedies will cause them to be desperate for Christ.

Pray that believers will seek God in prayer and through His Word more than they ever have before.

For centuries the church in Myanmar has been very slow to grow. Most believers have never shared their faith with their family or friends. Pray they would be bold to share the hope they have as everyone around them struggles in despair.

Pray Christians wouldn’t allow worldly kingdoms to take precedence over God’s Kingdom.

Pray believers will keenly know that this world is not their home.

Pray for the country

Pray that amidst devastation, God will reveal to the people of Myanmar that they cannot put their trust in men or women. Pray they will seek to know God’s truth and the meaning of life through salvation.

Pray for protection. More than 600 people have already been killed and thousands have been arrested due to their participating in protests.

Pray God will convict military leaders of the violence they are inflicting. Pray they will turn away from their wickedness and have compassion for their people.

Use this downloadable prayer guide as a reminder to pray and to distribute to your small groups and churches.