First Person: Sweeter than honey

Editor’s note: This summer three university students and one recent graduate, all from the United States, dedicated the summer to ministry through the International Mission Board. Their ministry was through a Colombian Baptist foundation and church in a town nestled amongst the Andes mountains, working with prostitutes, underserved and Venezuelan refugees. One student shares the following:

Yorman, a man from Caracas, Venezuela, came one day while we were working at the foundation. Like many refugees, he carried all of his belongings in two small draw-string bags, but he also carried a large Bible.

Yorman shares a “bocadillo” sweet with the Summer Sojourners.

He shared his testimony with us and how important the Word of God is to him. He told us it doesn’t matter if he eats, drinks, or sleeps ­– as long as he has the Word of God, he will be okay.

Yorman said he thinks honey is the sweetest thing in the world, and yet the Word of the Lord is still sweeter. Even though Yorman didn’t have much, he opened one of his bags and pulled out some “bocadillo” sweets to share with us, his sisters in Christ.

The next day, Yorman returned to the foundation and showed us that he needed some new shoes. While we did have shoes at the foundation, we could only hand them out to Venezuelans who are currently walking over the Andes mountains; otherwise, we would be overwhelmed with both Colombians and Venezuelans asking for shoes. It was so hard to tell him no, but we duct-taped his shoes together and prayed that the Lord would provide new shoes for him.

Later that day as we were leaving the foundation, we saw Yorman on the street and he ran up to us to show us his new pair of tennis shoes! He had been praying that God would provide for him when a young man came to him and gave him the shoes. We were so excited for him!

Yorman returned to the foundation again the next day, this time with a white backpack we hadn’t seen before. He opened his bag and showed us three more pairs of shoes he had been given! He had even received a fourth pair but gave it to another refugee in the park where he lives. He praised God for His goodness and faithful provision for His children!

God is at work in Yorman’s life and using him to encourage others to Christ. Praise God for this man’s testimony and the Lord’s provision!