IMB President Dr. Paul Chitwood knew missionaries faced challenges in taking the gospel to the unreached. But on a recent trip to East Africa, every ride down a dusty road and every walk down a city street was a reminder that every single missionary faces unique struggles. And every single prayer for a missionary matters.
So Paul offered these ways you can pray for missionaries spread all over the world:

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY for missionaries as they lead in different types of trauma-healing ministry all over the world. It can take a toll on them. In refugee ministry, for instance, missionaries’ continuous exposure to horrific pain and loss can create its own trauma—trauma that can manifest itself in anger over injustice or a sense of helplessness and depression in the face of so much human need. They can also deal with compassion fatigue. Pray missionaries would have spiritual, emotional, and physical stamina to carry out their ministry over the long haul.
  2. PRAY for missionaries as they face the practical struggles of their ministry assignments. From navigating massive amounts of city traffic to maintaining vehicles for use in remote areas, missionaries can have enormous challenges just getting to the people they are trying to reach.
  3. PRAY for personnel to work well with a diverse team of partners on the field—national partners, other US-based agencies, and missionaries from other countries.
  4. PRAY for missionaries as they struggle with being so far away from their home church, country, and family members. Pray they would have peace in knowing that they are not forgotten by us.