Day 2
A Season of Change
It’s tough to live where Kristin Luttrell and Rachel Sebastian serve as IMB missionaries in Mexico—there’s not much they can change, practically speaking. They can’t change the fact that people there do back-breaking work in the fields. They can’t change the fact that after that, the people work night shifts at the packaging plant, then get up early to fix food for their family. But they can bring them the hope of Jesus.

“We have heard women say, ‘I was miserable, I was blind, and I did not know where I was going. Now that I know Christ, it’s like the light came on and I have a direction in life,’” Kristin said. Team leaders and IMB missionaries David and Ann Boyter say God is doing incredible things among migrant workers like the ones Kristin and Rachel are discipling. Ann says she lives for the moments when people meet Jesus. “They’re enslaved to their religions, and when you see the light come on and people get the gospel, it’s amazing,” she said.

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY for the IMB missionaries working to reach people who come from unreached indigenous people groups all over Mexico to work in migrant camps.
  2. PRAY for God to open hearts to the hope of the gospel.