Day 3
Gospel on the Move
It takes tents, sleeping bags, and a lot of food for Peter Station* to get out in the remote areas of his East Asian country—the places where the herdsmen live. He throws all his gear in the back of an SUV, drives several days into the wilderness, and camps beside them so he can share the gospel with them. Sometimes they’ll choose to follow Jesus, and Peter will make plans to come back and start discipling them. And then when he drives out there again, there’s nothing but grass. They’re gone.

That’s one of the biggest challenges of reaching the herdsmen, a nomadic people who live off the land and move often with their herds of cattle. But Peter won’t stop—he knows he can’t until there are disciples all over the vast land where they wander. And over time, he is seeing lives transformed. “We’ve been able to see herdsmen come to know Christ, to accept Him,” he said. “We’re able to see baptisms in the middle of the wilderness and people being discipled.”

*Name changed

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY Peter’s team of IMB missionaries to continue to persevere in reaching nomadic peoples.
  2. PRAY for God to order the moves of the herdsmen to be where they can cross paths with Peter, hear the gospel, and be discipled.