Donka knows what it’s like to wonder if life could be better than what she’s experienced. She lived most of her younger years under the stifling rule of communism. She’s lived many of her older years as a widow. And on top of that, she can see that Brian and Mandy Davis have something in their life that she doesn’t. The Davises, IMB missionaries to Bulgaria, welcome Donka into their home every week for Bible study. Donka, 85, is a self-proclaimed atheist, but Mandy says she’s hopeful that’s changing.

“She has not yet professed faith, but she tells everyone she meets about us and how the world would be better ‘if everyone believed and lived like Brian and Mandy.’ We keep turning her focus from our good works to the ‘why’ behind our good works,” Mandy said. In postcommunist Bulgaria, many people say they’re atheist, just like Donka. Many of them are disinterested in religion. But the Davises continue to pray for God to open hearts and draw Bulgarians to see that what they’re missing is the gospel.

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY for God to draw Bulgarians to see their need for the hope Jesus offers.
  2. PRAY for Brian and Mandy to be able to build relationships with people who are open to studying the Bible and exploring faith.