Day 7
Answering Life’s Questions
Winters are brutal and days are dark where IMB missionaries Robert and Sharon Pinkston live in Quebec. Hearts are dark too. “There are 8 million Quebecois, or French Canadians,” Robert said. “Before we ever got here, we had heard that only 40,000 of them—0.5 percent—believed in Christ.” But Robert says he believes that if Quebecois could just hear the gospel, they would respond. He’s been there 19 years, and every day he’s excited to get up and share the hope of Jesus all over again.

“So many of my friends, when they hear me give a gospel presentation, they say, ‘That’s exactly what I’ve been looking for,’” he said. The catch is just getting them to hear it—to really hear it. “They have lots of questions about life, and not that they’re necessarily searching for it in the church, but when they do run into us and we start a dialogue, it really connects with them and they want to know more,” Robert said. “They have an open heart right now.”

Your Prayers Transform Lives

  1. PRAY for missionaries like Robert and Sharon to be effective in strategizing ways to reach Quebec’s cities and college campuses with the gospel.
  2. PRAY for the hearts of the Quebecois to be open to the gospel as they search for truth.