Abby’s Challenge

When 11-year-old Abby Cavanaugh* heard about the IMB’s budget shortfall due to COVID-19, she gave her vacation savings of $32.20, and challenged friends and family to do the same. Abby and her family watched the numbers tick up as people responded, saying they were touched by Abby’s “sweet and tender spirit.” People gave, and their children gave too, giving away their birthday money and in some cases even asking for more chores.

“It showed me that even if what we have is really, really small, we can just give it to Jesus and let Him do the rest.”

What Are campaigns?

Create Your Own Campaign

Have a birthday coming up? Training for a 5K? Responsible for your church’s Lottie Moon campaign? You can create your own campaign using our tools. Every dollar raised directly funds IMB work overseas, and your church can be recognized for your gift contributions.

Inspire Generosity

How to Get Started

We give you the tools you need to inspire others
to join God’s work among the nations


Explore projects created by IMB missionaries. Find your inspiration and start a campaign to inspire others toward generosity.


Ask your friends to give to your campaign. You’re speaking on behalf of others without a voice, so don’t be shy.


You’ll be informed as others give to your campaign effort. Share your excitement as milestones are achieved.


Need Resources?

Want to tell others about these opportunities in your church, small group, or online social groups? Find the resources you need to get the word out!