You can provide Bibles to people groups who have yet to hear God’s Word

Do you remember the first time you read God’s Word? Do you remember how it felt? Now, ‘picture all the ways the Word has impacted your life over the years. 

So many people have not had that experience, because they have never received a Bible in their native language. 

Maria, a young woman living in a remote village, longs for spiritual nourishment. Until now, she has only encountered fragments of scripture in a language not her own. With no access to a Bible in her native language, her journey of faith has been a challenging one.

Now, picture the scene as Maria receives a Bible translated into her language for the first time. The tears welling in her eyes speak volumes as she holds this precious gift in her hands. 

Your gift today can make this possible for her. 

Through your generosity, Maria’s entire world is transformed. The words that once seemed hard to understand now resonate deep within her soul, igniting a newfound hope and understanding of God’s love.

Maria’s story is just one among billions waiting to be written.

Your gift not only provides physical copies of the Bible but also catalyzes spiritual revival in communities around the globe. It empowers missionaries to carry out their vital work of spreading the gospel, nurturing disciples, and building God’s kingdom.

These aren’t just Bibles flown overseas in a box — they are hand-delivered by a missionary who can help people like Maria learn and grow in the Word. 

You can make this happen with your gift today. You can give with confidence knowing 100% of your gift will go towards providing these Bibles. 

Will you join us in this mission? Your donation, no matter the amount, has the power to change lives and etch stories of redemption and hope for generations to come by delivering the Word of God.

Make your gift and send a Bible today.

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