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More than 178 years ago, Southern Baptists united around the vision to send missionaries to the lost around the world. Today, we provide support for more than 3,500 IMB missionaries and their families working diligently toward the vision we see in Revelation 7:9 — all nations, tribes, people, and languages knowing and worshiping the Lord.

A Vision for All

The vision God gives us in Revelation leads each of us to consider how our obedience and sacrifice impact the kingdom. Jesus commands believers to make disciples of all nations. Heeding this call begins in our everyday lives, but it also means going and supporting those who are called to plant their lives among the lost in diverse, often remote, communities.

100% of your generous gift supports the work of IMB missionaries. It enables them to commit their full energy and focus to the mission. This support isn’t just financial. The offering and faithful giving provide encouragement and confidence to missionaries who recognize that thousands of people and churches are committed to their missionary task.

Missionaries commit themselves to the work, no matter the cost. Through your support, individuals and communities learn about Jesus — often for the first time. Missionaries are seeing the lost transformed through the good news of Jesus, and more are coming to faith as their witness multiplies and churches are planted. 

Your Support of the Vision

Your generous gifts advance the reach of the gospel. Every dollar you give supports the work of those who go into all the world, working toward the promise we see in Revelation 7:9. Through your generosity, you are a part of their work every day. You are giving toward a vision of eternity that we know God will fulfill. 

Thank you for partnering with us today through your donation to see the Revelation 7:9 vision fulfilled. 

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