You can ensure that a missionary doesn’t miss a day of support

Missionaries everywhere are being called to serve, bringing hope, love, and the transformative message of the gospel to the lost. However, their ability to fulfill this calling depends on reliable and steady support. As they dedicate themselves to sharing Christ’s love, they rely on the partnership and generosity of individuals like you.

We understand the importance of reliability in sustaining the work of missionaries. They need to know that the resources necessary for their ministry will be consistently available. Uninterrupted support allows them to focus wholeheartedly on their mission, reaching the lost, discipling believers, and meeting the pressing needs of the communities they serve.

Your monthly gift is not just financial support; it symbolizes your prayer and encouragement to the missionaries you are giving to. Knowing that they have dependable partners like you strengthens their resolve and brings comfort to their hearts. Your ongoing commitment serves as a tangible expression of support, reminding them that they are not alone in their calling.

When you make your monthly gift you ensure that you can make a long term impact, bring consistent support to missionaries 365 days a year, and that you can budget your giving easier as each contribution grows into a sizable impact over time. 

You can help missionaries thrive and be ready for every opportunity presented by the Lord. Additionally, 100% of your gifts each month directly provide help and hope to those who need it most.

Your gift goes farther than you know.

  • $10 provides 100 copies of the Gospel of Matthew for Muslim background believers to share in their communities
  • $20 provides one month of chronic-illness medication for a refugee in Syria
  • $50 covers four audio devices containing Bible stories for a missionary team in the Himalayas
  • $100 buys six months of teaching supplies for an ESL and Bible stories class for children

Our goal is to secure 50 monthly donors by July 31st. Make your gift today through the secure form below.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to the mission of IMB. Together, we can solve the world’s biggest problem: lostness.

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Your $100.00 one-time gift provides clean drinking water for a year.

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