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Step 3
Comprehensive Assessment

This step helps us understand your readiness for the field in the areas of spiritual, physical, and emotional health, family dynamics, personal finances, and understanding your story.

Timeline: 6-8 Weeks


Information to Provide

  • School Transcripts
  • Reference List
  • Autobiography
  • Additional Family Information
  • Witnessing Journal


Forms to Complete

  • Christian Beliefs Statement
  • Background/Credit Check Permission
  • Baptist Faith and Message Course
  • Christian Beliefs Checklist
  • Safe and Secure Course
  • Field Questionnaire
  • Medical Questionnaire

Step 3

Here is important information about the rationale behind one of the longest steps in the process.

Recommended Reading:

IMB Assessment Overview


Spiritual Wellness Assessment

We are looking for people who are called by God, affirmed by their church leadership, and eager to engage in the missionary task. Applicants should be sharing their faith, making disciples, and in alignment with the Baptist Faith and Message.


Medical Wellness Assessment

Medical clearance is required of all applicants and their immediate family members (spouse and children). Due to the unique challenge of overseas service, we want to identify and address any health-related issues that could potentially impact timing, placement, ongoing treatment, and access to good medical care. The medical evaluation process will be thorough because our desire is for those we send to be successful in their service and confident in their care.


Family Wellness Assessment

We often send families with children. Children are active participants on missionary teams. We want them to flourish spiritually, emotionally, developmentally, and academically. As a result, children will be part of the assessment process in relation to the areas mentioned above. This could potentially impact timing and placement.


Emotional Wellness Assessment

We are not looking for perfect people. We know perfect people do not exist! But we are looking for people who are emotionally healthy, make wise lifestyle choices, and have strong relationships. Due to the unique challenges of overseas service, we want to identify and address any lifestyle- and wellness-related issues that could potentially impact timing, placement, and access to good support systems.


Financial Wellness Assessment

Southern Baptists generously support missionaries sent by the IMB. This frees up team members to focus on the missionary task. As a result, we will evaluate any current debt and conduct a credit check.


Complete Background Check

IMB conducts a background check on all missionary applicants.