Getting Eggs

The Tolai people live in the Village of Matupit, near the city of Rabual, East New Britain, Papua New Guinea. Matupit is at the base of Mt. Tavurvur an active volcano which destroyed much of the city of Rabual along with Vulcan, it’s sister volcano, in 1994. Matupit was spared due to the prevailing winds.

Every mourning the Tolai men paddle dug-out canoes over to the base of the volcano to harvest the eggs of the Megapode which likes to bury its eggs in the warm volcanic ash.

The eggs are sold buy the women in the Rabual market for 2.50 Kina a piece. There has been a sustainable harvest of the Megapode eggs for generations and it will continue for as long as the volcano allows. This is a valuable source of income and protein for the Tolai people.

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