What is an IMB Journeyman

Journeymen are recent college graduates with a passion to take the gospel to unreached peoples around the globe. Serving as full-time, fully-funded church planters, they sign on for two to three year stints. Journeymen must be between the ages of twenty-one and twenty-nine and have completed an undergraduate degree.

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Is This You?

  • A sense of God's leadership
  • Emotional, physical, and spiritual health
  • Twenty-one to twenty-nine years old
  • An active member of a Southern Baptist church
  • Single or married with no children (must be married for one year prior to deployment)
  • Citizen or permanent resident of the United States
  • Completion of an accredited bachelor’s degree prior to orientation
  • Willingness to commit to a two-year assignment
  • Commitment to evangelism
  • A growing Christian faith
  • Ability to clear your calendar for a four-day conference in Richmond

Application Process

There is an upper age limit for being a Journeyman. You must still be age twenty-nine or younger at the start of the eight-week orientation session.

On average, those applying for Journeyman assignments take six to twelve months to complete the application and interview process, from the initial information form through the start of orientation. You will move through the process at your own pace. Your consultant also will work with you to determine the best timing for attending an Expo.

Once you complete the information form online, you have started the application process. Then you will be asked to complete several other pertinent forms that will help IMB determine your readiness for overseas service. This includes a health questionnaire, Christian beliefs statements, personal testimony, autobiography, references, etc. You will be working toward a deadline date for having all written materials completed.

After a review of all Journeyman applicants, IMB staff will select those who are ready for overseas service and who could potentially be matched to an assignment. These applicants are invited to attend a four-day Expo where they will view current job requests and locations. This is held in Richmond, Virginia, and IMB will cover the costs for that event. Currently, there are two Expo conferences a year: March and October. Both Expos have application deadlines.

Applicants will be asked to choose their top three job preferences at the Expo. IMB hopes that you will be open to exploring all the open job requests. Two weeks after the Expo, you will be notified if you have been matched with a job. If you accept it, you will be invited to the next eight-week Journeyman training session in Richmond. This marks the beginning of your employment with IMB. There are four eight-week training sessions each year: one starts in January, in April, in July, and in October (exact dates vary each year). After the training session is complete, you will leave for your assignment overseas.


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