Leader Guide


October | 8 weeks out

We’ve put together these suggestions to help you make the most of your investment in this year’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering®—and inspire ideas of your own.


Take some time away to pray and seek God’s will. Remind yourself of the glorious truth of the gospel. Search Scripture and ask God to reveal His heart for the nations.

Recruit your team and set your church goal

Bring together a small group of people to help you plan for your church’s Lottie Moon Christmas Offering. Determine how you’ll approach this year’s giving season and the amount your church can give.

Review and order resources

Schedule your events

2. Share

November | 4 weeks out

Engage your church and help them understand the eternal impact they can make through the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering.

Tell your church

Use your bulletin, social media channels, and communication pieces to ignite excitement.

Cast the vision

  • Share the need and the impact from the pulpit: Over 2.8 billion people have little to no access to the gospel.
  • Show the videos included in this kit.

Here’s the impact your church makes:

100% of gifts to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering fund IMB missionaries who are making disciples and multiplying churches among unreached people and places.

In the last year reported (2015):

  • 1.9 MILLION heard the gospel
  • 175,290 new believers
  • 15,058 trained pastors
  • 6,138 new churches

3. Participate

The month of December

Encourage your church members to pray and give.

Join in prayer

Week of Prayer

  • Challenge your members to view the Week of Prayer videos each day.
  • Lead your church in prayer for missionaries and their work during the Week of Prayer for
  • International Missions. Look for these stories and specific ways you can pray in this year’s prayer guide.
  • If you do not receive prayer guides by Nov. 1, order copies from your state convention.

The eighth day of Week of Prayer features families, teams, and those in need of the gospel.

  1. The Bagby family in Nepal hikes rough terrain to bring the gospel to unreached people and villages.
  2. God is moving Muslims of Russia toward faith in Christ. Also the WMU International Mission Study.
  3. For the Jones family in Japan, God is using the adoption of their son to open doors and hearts.
  4. The diverse backgrounds and skills of the Mexico City team help them serve unreached people in this global megacity.
  5. Often alone, the forgotten refugee needs to know he is loved by God. IMB missionaries have the opportunity to share the hope of the gospel.
  6. The world converges in the kitchen of the Mikeska family in London. There they encourage new believers and develop strategic friendships.
  7. Celebrate what God has done to draw people to Himself and continue praying for hearts open to Him.
  8. Boldness, clarity, joy, effectiveness, and more. This is what IMB missionaries need and why prayer matters.

Give to missions

  • Take up the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and enable the sharing of the gospel throughout the world.
  • Collect your gifts and send them to your state conventions or give at www.imb.org/give.

Your campaign at a glance

Prepare 8 weeks out

  • Get your own heart ready through prayer.
  • Recruit a small team, review the DVD, and plan together.
  • Set your church goal.
  • Plan a sermon series.
  • Invite your missionary partner to speak.
  • Schedule events for the Week of Prayer for International Missions.
  • Order resources for your church.

Share 4 weeks out

  • Cast the vision through sermons, videos, and other communication media.
  • Distribute the Your Gifts at Work booklets you’ve ordered to your church.

Participate The month of December

  • Lead your church to pray through the Week of Prayer guide during the Week of Prayer.
  • Collect your Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and send to your state convention or IMB by May 1, 2018.