GMP Training Childcare- Fall 2024

  • Location: Location shared upon interest
  • People Group:
  • Date: Sep 11, 2024 - Nov 08, 2024
  • Cost: $2,900 + airfare, insurance & visa costs
  • Trip Reference Number: 35468


God is calling believers from every tribe and every nation to spread the gospel to the ends of the earth. Prefield training for these precious servants of God is a critical need and equally critical is caring for and teaching their children who come with them. We do not only want to babysit the children but want to teach them in order to prepare them for the adventures and stresses they will experience on the field. The childcare workers will be responsible for two classes - one for school-age children and one for preschool children. Those responsible for teaching the school-age children will use our already-developed curriculum to teach the children. Those responsible for the preschool children will need to plan how to use play to teach the children at their level. We are completing our third pre-field training, and in every case the parents have expressed their appreciation for the care their children received with tears. (If volunteer cannot serve the entirety of time, arrangements can be made to find replacements.)