Go Impact - Coffee Outreach in Oslo-2

  • Location: Oslo, Norway
  • People Group:
  • Date: Jun 16, 2024 - Jun 23, 2024
  • Cost: $1,600 + airfare, insurance & visa costs
  • Trip Reference Number: 35342

Note: This is a Go Impact trip request intended for youth groups, and only a youth group leader should register. After you complete your own application, which includes references and a background check, you can adopt the trip by reserving at least five seats (places) and paying a deposit of $100 per person. You can add names later and reserve more seats as needed. The trip is not considered adopted and will remain open to others until you pay the deposits.

Go Impact trips are a packaged opportunity that includes personal coaching, a direct connection with the host missionary, a travel agent and training resources. To learn more, go to imb.org/goimpact.


You will be working with a church called Home Church in the capital city of Oslo, Norway. Most of your time will be spent hanging out in a highly immigrant neighborhood that is going through gentrification at the moment and is in a season of transition. Our church has an electric coffee bike that we use to go to different places in the neighborhood and serve espresso drinks, filter coffee and even serve waffles. Our intent is to have conversations around the coffee bike that lead to follow up spiritual conversations and then in turn to Bible discussion groups. The end goal would be to have Bible discussion groups that lead to either discipleship or Alpha groups that would start new groups within the context of the local church.