Hands On: Digital Animator

  • Location: South Africa
  • People Group: Sub-Saharan African Peoples
  • Date: Jan 15, 2025 - May 12, 2025
  • Cost: $3,950
  • Trip Reference Number: 37555


In Sub-Saharan Africa there is a significant need for resources that share the gospel, teach the Word of God, train church leaders, and equip African Christians to go out as missionaries. Since Africans often prefer watching videos over reading, many of these resources must be video based. As a digital animator, you will produce videos with animations and motion graphics for a variety of needs, such as evangelism tools, discipleship materials, training curriculum, social media campaigns, and more. You will use your creativity and visual imagination to produce compelling pieces that engage viewers. You will work on a team with other creatives and collaborate with them on concepts and direction, but you will likely be the only animator and must be able to produce complete videos on your own. Much of your time will be dedicated to media projects. You will also invest in a local church and ministry, which will provide opportunities for you to build relationships and share your faith.