Hands On: Kaohsiung 2 (Fall 2024)

  • Location: Kaohsiung, Taiwan
  • People Group: Asian and Pacific Rim Peoples
  • Date: Aug 14, 2024 - Dec 06, 2024
  • Cost: $3,950
  • Trip Reference Number: 37802


Help a new church in downtown Kaohsiung, Taiwan get established as you reach out to young people. Make connections with high schoolers, university students, and young adults in the city. Connect students to a new student-fellowship and invite them to church. Bring young adults to our small groups and help us start new group(s)! Plan coffee and meal meetings to get to know new friends, share your testimony— and most importantly— the Gospel. Use your skills and gifting to serve, while being a learner of Taiwanese culture and picking up some Mandarin Chinese. Encourage local believers to stand strong in their faith, and be encouraged by them too. Hope to see you here in Taiwan!