Hands On Spring 25 - Church Planting Researcher, Rural Mountains, Mexico

  • Location: Mexico
  • People Group: American Peoples
  • Date: Jan 07, 2025 - May 08, 2025
  • Cost: $3,950
  • Trip Reference Number: 37212


Nestled in the rural mountains of Guerrero, Mexico live the Mixtec people. Less than 1% of Guerrero Mixtecs have a saving relationship with Jesus, making them the largest unreached people group in the Americas. But God is moving among them! We are looking for young men to help us identify the village for our next church plant. You and your partner will spend up to four days each week traveling to potential ministry locations along with a national guide to research the area, meet the people, prayer-walk the streets, investigate the state of evangelical work, and look for persons of peace. You will come face-to-face with the lostness of the Mixtec, but you will be able to do something about it! Your work will be a significant factor in helping our team discern the direction of future ministry. You must be adventurous, not picky about accommodations, and willing to eat a lot of tortillas. You must be willing to engage strangers, share your faith, and be prepared to trust God to use you to do hard things.